3...2...1... Bake Off!
by Greg Nanni
posted: 2015-03-05 12:04:34

Here are the Bake Off Ingredients!

From Jacqueline Goldfinger (Skin and Bone, Slip/Shot):
"An old hat. Any kind you like but it has to show its history in its curvature, folds, discoloration."
From Michael Whistler (Prescott Method, Mickle Street):
From Bruce Graham (The Philly Fan, Something Intangible):
"A really dumb beagle."

Playwrights, get writing! You have 72 hours! We will meet at 1pm at the Plays & Players Main Stage on Sunday, March 8th to read through all the plays!

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Play reading March 1
by Robert Castle
posted: 2015-02-27 11:47:13

On Sunday from 1:00 to 3:00 there will be a reading and discussion of my play, The Immortalists. Place: Spruce Hill Community Center at 257 S. 45th street. I had forgotten to remind people in the last PDC update. The play was workshopped a couple years ago. A full-length one act, four scenes. Each scene has a séance. Three take place in Berlin, Germany, in the years 1910, 1927, and 1943; the last, in California in 1965. Josef, a soldier of Otto the Great in the 10th century, is a reluctant spirit who is being asked to reveal the secrets of the future and the afterlife. His resistance to answering these mysteries puts his the mediums in possible harm's war. The characters and cast are: Sadie de Gloumeline/Josef of Westphalia: Melissa Amilani 1st Woman at Seance/Anna/Shirley: Heather Cole 2nd Woman at Seance/Gertrude/Tanya: Hilary Asare 1st Man at Seance/Karl/Jack: Ashton Carter 2nd Man at Seance/Fritz/Frank: Shamus McCarty I liked to thank Eris Washburn for her dramaturgy work on the play. She has done a great job with this and two other works I've presented in the last year. Bob Castle

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TOMORROW, Monday, May 19, 8pm, EAR Fuzz #4: What Is Theater? PDC @ Plays & Players Residency
by Robin Rodriguez
posted: 2014-05-18 06:53:19


...Plus on the following Monday, May 26, 7:30 pm, a public reading at P&P of Resident Greg Nanni’s compilation of one-acts, SCREAMS IN AMERICA.

A couple weeks ago, as playwriting residents Charly Simpson and Greg Nanni entered the program’s final month, they spoke about the experience and how they were preparing for EAR Fuzz#4. Here is some of that.

Charly said a prime benefit of the program was that it let her get comfortable calling herself a playwright. “It made me have to remember that, oh, you should be writing, or oh, you should be going to see that play... This is a part of your work, it’s not something you‘re just doing because you have free time. ... I do think that there is a momentum that has been built up by being in the residency that I wouldn’t have had otherwise... I’m getting more comfortable with how do I make this my career.”

Although she didn’t yet know what she’d present for the last EAR Fuzz (come see!) she shared her last major project: “...Writing a play where I can’t edit it at all, just keep going, forcing myself to just keep going, and so that’s my directive, to keep going with that.” So far she’s got 160 pages! Something too long for EAR Fuzz but she will be sharing it with her fellow residents.

Greg was more sure what he’d have for EAR Fuzz (unless he’s changed his mind—so come see!) He spoke of his last project.

“We had a meeting in April to talk about why you got into theater in the first place, what makes you excited about theater and also about the economics of theater and whether or not theater is a dying art form....we were encouraged to go back to what really made us excited about playwriting or acting or theater in general... I really liked the styles of ICEMAN COMETH. O’Neill. I really love that play. That play made me want to...to write drama and go into playwriting. But then I read Ionesco’s BALD SOPRANO and that made me very interested in writing absurdist comedies and I thought it was so cool because I never approached theater or anything like that before.

...So I thought about what I really liked about the BALD SOPRANO and ...how it sort of summarizes and mocks what we consider linear storytelling and basically from that thought process...I came up with this idea that I felt could only be done onstage. And then I wrote it in about 4 hours... It’s only 10 minutes... It will be given a reading at EAR Fuzz and then it will be paired with other one acts the following Monday for a full reading at Plays and Players Theater. (Reminder: Monday, May 26, 7:30 pm “Screams In America” by Greg Nanni. FREE)

If you haven’t met these residents yet, or just want to learn more about the program, please come tomorrow night and see what Greg and Charly come up with, along with actor residents Sarah Schol and Andrew Carroll.

1714 Delancey Place, Philly. Third floor. For entrance use the buzzer at the door to the left of the main doors. Admission is FREE, with suggested donation of $5 for PDC or P&P members, $10 suggested for general admission.

For more information on the Emerging Artists In Residence program please visit: http://www.playsandplayers.org/season/ear/ . For the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/296020897240967/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

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Monday, March 17, EAR Fuzz #3--Fight Your Fear; PDC @ P&P Residency
by Robin Rodriguez
posted: 2014-03-08 15:34:47


Monday, March 17 at 8pm there will be another chance for the public to check-in with this year’s PDC @ P&P playwright residents as they explore their chosen artistic goals. The February/March challenge to all P&P Emerging Artists in Residence (EARs) is: “FIGHT YOUR FEAR.” (Face what scares you most in your artistic journey.)

         To catch a glimpse of the residency process, or just to see how two PDC playwrights (Greg Nanni and Charly Simpson) plus two resident actors (Sarah Schol and Andrew Carroll) fight artistic fear, come to their public sharing— the event called EAR Fuzz #3, at Plays & Players Theatre. (1714 Delancey Place, Philly. Third floor. For entrance use the buzzer at the door to the left of the main doors.)

Who knows what will happen. But Charly Simpson, in her original application said, “When it comes to making art, I am terrified. I am scared to push my work as far as my mind wants to take it. I am afraid to commit myself to writing, afraid that I will fail.”

Greg Nanni, in his application said, “My greatest fear is to really go through a life with a character until she is real.” However in a residency letter he wrote to himself after January’s EAR Fuzz, he showed different worries. “...Do, without fear of admonishment,” he told himself. “One doesn’t need approval for everything.”

Fears that every artist recognizes. But how exactly are Greg and Charly addressing them in the residency? Or did other demons line up to join battle? Come to EAR Fuzz next Monday (St. Patrick’s Day) and see. (FREE, with suggested donation of $5 for PDC or P&P members, $10 suggested for general admission.)

Note: The aim of the EAR (Emerging Artists in Residence) Residency is to develop theater artists’ work towards goals that they have articulated for themselves. The residency provides activities designed to inspire, encourages experimentation, offers support and guidance from artistic leaders, and the structure and discipline to really focus on the journey and seek results. Two actors and two playwrights spend eight months at P&P; PDC sponsors the two playwrights. The application process takes place every summer.

For more information on the Emerging Artists In Residence program please visit: http://www.playsandplayers.org/season/ear/  . For information on PDC, visit  http://www.http://pdc1.org/

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PDC writers featured in THE DRAMATIST
by Bill Hollenbach
posted: 2014-03-08 10:33:50

The current edition of The Dramatist, the professional journal of the Dramatists Guild of America has an excellent article by Tom Tirney, former PDC Executive Director.  It’s nice to see Tom is still beating the drum for our members. 

In the Philadelphia section of the Regional Theatre report, Tom focuses attention on Iron Age Theatre in Norristown, and its Co-Artistic Director, John Doyle’s work encouraging and producing new plays by local playwrights.  In the last few years John has produced three PDC playwrights.  John is a dedicated promoter of theatre with a social mission, and the article discusses at length the great work Kate McGrath has done in putting together Up From The Ashes, her riveting play about the cruel causes of the famous Triangle Shirtwaist Fire.  As written by Kate and staged by John, Up from the Ashes was a one woman tour de force that drew a stark line between the pursuit of profit and workers rights. 

Tom also emphasizes the work John has done with Bill Hollenbach on Citizen Paine.  The Iron Age production has had runs In Norristown, at the City Tavern, and the Philly Fringe before going onto production venues from Milwaukee to New York City.  With John’s encouragement Bill’s latest play, The Ghost of Joe Hill may appear at Iron Age in the future.

 Though not mentioned in the article, Chris Braak is another PDC playwright who has worked extensively with Iron Age.  His Red Emma beautifully evoked the ideas and persecution of the radical, Emma Goldman.

 Some excerpts from Tom’s article:

“John describes his idea process and how he works with writers: ‘We find our play- wrights principally through commissions.  I or Randall Wise (Co-Artistic Director of Iron Age) will have an idea about an issue or a person.  I start talking to authors, playwrights, and theatres and just interview folks who may write for us.  It’s labor intensive but our goal is always a production.’”

Says Kate, ‘There was no given topic for this commission but … I found a lot of material about the 1909 strikes in Philadelphia and realized I was headed into women’s rights territory.  Triangle connected all of that with worker safety issues occurring today.’”

Tom also quotes Hollenbach on the freedom that comes with dramatizing a political figure from history like Thomas Paine.  “That’s the great thing about working with Iron Age. Since it’s drama, you can have politics and all this stuff in there that you are passionate about without an audience member saying ‘What’s with all this political shit?’”

Thanks Tom for bringing Iron Age and PDC into the national light.

 And thanks to PDC’s  current leader, Todd Holtsberry, who has forged what looks to be an ongoing residency for a PDC writer. 


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PDC/Plays & Players Spring Ahead Bake-Off!
by Kristen Scatton
posted: 2014-03-06 10:04:08

 Hello Bakers!

For those who don't know me, my name is Jeremy Gable, and I'm going to be your host for the PDC/Plays & Players Spring Ahead Bake-Off! I'd like to welcome you all, and thank you for agreeing to participate in this year's Bake-Off. We're pleased as punch to have you (and I'm not sure if you're aware, but punch is exceedingly hard to please).
Dozens of amazing plays have been created from PDC/Plays & Players Bake-Offs over the years, and all of us here are excited to see what all of you will bring for this year's event.
As we promised, the ingredients for the Bake-Off (each given to us by a nationally renowned playwright) are being announced ........ now! Let's go over them, shall we?
From Quiara Alegria Hudes: A search for a person or a people
From Samuel D. Hunter: A can of Diet Coke from 1993
From Johnna Adams: Twisted child
These will also be posted on the websites for PDC (pdc1.org) and Plays & Players (playsandplayers.org). The bios for the ingredient givers are at the end of this e-mail.
Now here's how it's all going down:
PLAYWRIGHTS: Get writing! Make sure to use those three ingredients in your play, but use them however you like. Be bold, creative, daring. Write big, take risks, push yourself, have fun with it. When you're done, have a drink to congratulate yourself. And when we meet, make sure you bring enough copies to be read by as many performers as you'll need (including stage directions).
ACTORS: Stretch. Do vocal warm ups. Yoga. Walks through Rittenhouse while listening to John Mayer's early work. Whatever you need to do to prepare. And when we meet, bring an open mind and the willingness to help create amazing work.
PLAYWRIGHT-ACTORS: Do both of the above. (And if any of you actors want to try your hand at writing a script, we'd love to hear it)
On Sunday, March 9th at 12:00 p.m. (and in case the title of "Spring Ahead" didn't clue you in, it's Daylight Savings Time that day, so make sure to adjust your clocks), we will gather on the mainstage of the Plays & Players Theatre at 1714 Delancey Street. We'll talk, we'll schmooze, we'll eat, we'll drink, we'll get to know each other.
And then when we are all met, we'll sit down and read plays that, at this very moment, are merely glimmers in their writers' eyes.
Feel free to e-mail me at gablewriter@gmail.com if you have questions about anything (or at least about anything related to the event. Please field all questions on mathematics, science and philosophy to other more appropriate parties).
And now for those bios that we promised...
QUIARA ALEGRIA HUDES is most recently the author of The Elliot Cycle, three standalone plays written over an eight year period. Elliot, A Soldier’s Fugue, the first play, was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 2007. Water by the Spoonful, the second, won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. The final play,The Happiest Song Plays Last, opened February, 2013, at New York’s Second Stage Theatre. Hudes wrote the book for the Broadway musical In the Heights, which received the 2008 Tony Award for Best Musical, a Tony nomination for Best Book of a Musical, and was a 2009 Pulitzer Prize finalist. For the original Off-Broadway incarnation of Heights, Hudes won the Lucille Lortel and Outer Critics Circle Awards for Best Musical. The touring companies of In the Heightshave performed at Puerto Rico’s Centro Bellas Artes, LA’s Pantages, and Tokyo’s International Forum. Other works include Barrio Grrrl!, a children’s musical that premiered at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in 2009 and toured nationally; 26 Miles which premiered at Atlanta’s Alliance Theatre in 2009 and was published in American Theatre Magazine; and Yemaya’s Belly, Hudes’ first play, which premiered at Portland Stage Company and received The Clauder Prize. Hudes’s honors include the United States Artists Fontanals Fellowship, the Joyce Fellowship at the Goodman Theatre, the Aetna New Voices Fellowship at Hartford Stage, the Roe Green Award at the Cleveland Playhouse, fellowships at Sundance Theater Institute and the O’Neill Theater Center, and a residency at New Dramatists. The City of Philadelphia honored Hudes with a Resolution in 2011 and Mayor Rahm Emmanuel declared April 27, 2013 “Quiara Hudes Day” in Chicago. After graduating from public school in Philadelphia, Hudes went on to receive a B.A. in music from Yale University and an M.F.A. in playwriting from Brown, where she studied with Paula Vogel. She was recently inducted into the Central High School Hall of Fame--in the first round of women to receive this honor since the school’s founding in 1836. Hudes is on the board of Philadelphia Young Playwrights, which produced her first play in the tenth grade. She now lives in New York with her husband and children.
SAMUEL D. HUNTER’s plays include The Whale (2013 Drama Desk Award, 2013 Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding Play, Drama League and Outer Critics Circle nominations for Best Play), A Bright New Boise (2011 Obie Award for Playwriting, 2011 Drama Desk nomination for Best Play), and his newest plays, The FewA Great Wilderness and Rest, all set to premiere in the 13/14 season. His plays have been produced by Playwrights Horizons, South Coast Rep, Victory Gardens, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, Denver Center Theatre Company, Clubbed Thumb, Page 73, and elsewhere. Sam is the winner of a 2012 Whiting Writers Award, the 2013 Otis Guernsey New Voices Award, the 2011 Sky Cooper Prize, and the 2008-2009 PONY Fellowship. His work has been developed at the O'Neill Playwrights Conference, the Ojai Playwrights Conference, Seven Devils, the Bay Area Playwrights Festival, JAW West, and elsewhere. He has active commissions from LCT3, Steppenwolf, Playwrights Horizons, and MTC/Ars Nova. He is a member of New Dramatists, an Ensemble Playwright at Victory Gardens, a Core Member of The Playwrights’ Center, a member of Partial Comfort Productions, and is currently a Resident Playwright at Arena Stage. A native of northern Idaho, Sam lives in NYC. He holds degrees in playwriting from NYU, The Iowa Playwrights Workshop, and Juilliard.
JOHNNA ADAMS received a Steinberg/American Theatre Critics Association Citation in April 2013 for her play Gidion's Knot. She is the 2011 recipient of the Princess Grace Award and a 2012 Finalist for the Susan Smith Blackburn Award. Gidion's Knot was published in the December 2012 edition of American Theatre Magazine. The Contemporary American Theatre Festival premieredGidion's Knot in Shepherdtown, WV, in summer of 2012 and twelve regional productions are planned around the country for the 2013-14 season, including productions at InterAct Theatre (Philadelphia), Profiles (Chicago), Kitchen Dog (Dallas), Stages (Houston) and Furious Theatre Company (Los Angeles). Flux Theatre Ensemble (New York) produced her play Sans Merci in spring of 2013 in New York. The script was nominated for a New York Innovative Theatre Award for best play. Her play Skinless was developed at the 2012 MFA Playwrights’ Workshop at the Kennedy Center and read at Rattlestick (New York) in winter of 2012. Johnna’s plays Angel EatersRattlers8 Little AntichristsSans MerciCockfighters and The Sacred Geometry of S&M Pornare published by Original Works Publishing and a forthcoming edition of Gidion’s Knot will be published by Dramatists Play Service, Inc. Johnna graduated from the DePaul University Theatre School with a BFA in Acting and received a 2012 MFA in Playwriting from Hunter College with Tina Howe.
Thanks, everyone! We'll see you Sunday!
Jeremy Gable, Philadelphia Dramatists Center, and Plays & Players

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Monday, January 20—Calendars align; yield PDC/P&P Twofer!!
by Robin Rodriguez
posted: 2014-01-17 10:10:00

To celebrate, the two organizations join forces and offer a $5 deal for a combined Book-Play-Club plus EAR Fuzz, which would normally cost, well, who knows.

The 6 pm event, the monthly Book (Play) Club, is typically available only to members of P&P (Plays & Players Theatre). However this Monday, PDC MEMBERS can also secret themselves to the theatre’s (in)famous third floor bar, QUIG’S, and discuss a play! With drinks!! And Heather Helinsky, a dramaturg!!!

Then at 8pm, for five bucks and the secret word (PDC Member) step into the adjoining parlor and glimpse a PDC @ P&P Playwrighting Resident exploring his or her artistic development. In public. This event, EAR Fuzz, occurs but four times a year and offers the curious, the supportive, and the “hoping to apply next year”, a peek into the overall P&P Emerging Artist Residency (EAR).


To recap, with details:

6pm, Quigs, a clandestine discussion of “The Human Fruit Bowl” by Andrea Kuchlewska. Also, with dramaturgical assistance from Heather Helinsky, a comparison to some short plays by Italian radical playwright Franca Rame. For the text, etc, go to <http://www.playsandplayers.org/membership/member-events/>

8pm, EAR Fuzz. January’s topic: "Change Your Medium." Artists try on a new style, method, or art form. To that end, the two PDC playwriting residents, Charly Simpson and Greg Nanni, plus the EAR Actor Residents, Sarah Schol and Andrew Carroll, have met with choreographers, portrait artists, photographers, stained glass artists, and yes, even dentists. Come witness the fruit of their labors. Each EAR Fuzz also ends with an audience “communal ritual” in celebration of the growth, plus an opportunity to share the evening’s inspiration on an arts & crafts style feedback board!

P&P is at 1714 Delancey Place, Philadelphia. For entrance, right bell at the door that is to the left of the main doors.

Facebook event link:



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Cool video teaser for Ashes
by Kate McGrath
posted: 2014-01-16 08:31:57

 Hi again.  Still the same self-promoting hustler I've always been, sorry! Please come see the show.  Folks have been saying they don't know where the show is, so here is the info: 1636 Sansom.  In between 16th and 17th on Sansom Street.  It is at Off-Broad Street Theatre.  Used by Azuka, Maukingbird, etc. etc.  Hope you can come.  8 pm Fri, Sat, Sun and a 2 pm only on Sunday.

Here's the YouTube trailer to show the work of the amazing Isa St. Clair.  Please tell your friends!--Kate




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bill rolleri said on 2014-01-16:

Kate, Am aiming for the Sunday showing. For years you have not tooted your own horn enough (if at all)so, when you do speak up, PDC members should heed the call.



Inside the Iron Age residency--ASHES blog from Kate
by Kate McGrath
posted: 2014-01-08 07:02:17

Sooooo, opening of ASHES is tomorrow.  Final revisions, watching a mesmerizing actress tackle tricky historically-based text, seeing how an invested and talented director shapes text and staging ideas into moments of living and breathing theatre, hearing those first samples of music and sound--all so exciting.  ASHES is not a traditional play in terms of either structure or content--the design is to create a touring piece of interest to students or communities around a social justice topic, but within those perimeters the team at Iron Age has been hard at work making this a piece of theatre (puppets, projections, voice-over, etc.) so we hope the appeal will be for a broad audience.  The last ten pages, which were to serve as a bridge back to the present, had to be refined and reduced at the suggestion of the team, so I went with it--made those cuts in a hurry so that the script could be finalized in time to share it. All you playwrights know how challenging that can be. While listening to the play during a few runs, and being on book for the actress a few times, I found places earlier in the play I can cut later on. There was and still is a lot of deliberate repeition of themes/events due to the going in and out of time periods--part of the cyclical/circular structure I always envisioned for this.  So, going into the touring production later I already have new ideas for trimming back in some places, putting a few things back in others.  Watching Isa has been a joy in and of itself, I can not say enough about her devotion, talent, and magical presence on stage.  Hope you can come and see the play at either venue. Thanks to Todd H and John D for all the pr--the info is out there if you need it.  Let me know whatcha think if you can catch the show--  I value and crave the collective PDC genius and energy, as I always have, but especially now!   Stay warm. --K



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PDC@Iron Age Residency Production coming in one week!
by Kate McGrath
posted: 2014-01-02 05:08:30

PDC Members, please come to see the PDC @ Iron Age Residency 2013-14 full production opening next weekend, January 9th-12th  running five performances at Centre Theatre (Iron Age's home) in Norristown and moving to Philly January 17-19th for five performances at Off Broad Street in Center City, Philadelphia!  

UP FROM THE ASHES, Tragedy and Change by PDC member Kate McGrath asks the question: why do workers face risk of death or injury even today, in 2013, when we have such examples from our past to motivate real and lasting change?
The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire forms the central part of this one-woman show that examines the labor movement’s efforts before and after the 1911 tragedy, from multiple points of view—factory owners, protesters like Mother Jones and Rose Schneiderman, and the immigrant workers themselves. The American Dream belonged to all of them. So what went wrong?
PDC at Iron Age Residency. Featuring Isa St. Clair. Tickets, times, directions to the two locations, discount information etc.  at:   http://iron-age-theatre.ticketleap.com/


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Niall said on 2015-11-14:

Hi Amanda! I'm a struggling dgieensr on another site. I think your tuts are some of the best on the web. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful expertise. A tutorial I would like to see is something on making backgrounds. No one seems to want to share much on that. Thanks again for all your generosity!


Bill Hollenbach said on 2014-01-05:

This PDC Iron Age residency deserves the support af all PDC members. But you must go see this play for it's own merits. The script is written with craft and passion. When you leave the theatre you' will be looking within, examining your soul. A must see.


james dimartino said on 2014-01-02:

The relevance of the Triangle Shirt Waist disaster stands out in the light of the Bangladesh Garment Workers fire... how quickly we forget. Who thinks about dead Coal Miners when we flick a light switch? It's the collateral damage of our consumer society. Kudos to Ms. McGrath for shining a light into our dark past and our muddy now.



This weekend PDC LAB @ Walking Fish!
by Kate McGrath
posted: 2013-12-13 06:19:27

 PDC Members!  This is your chance to see this pilot program, co-project of PDC and Walking Fish Theatre in action and to support the great work of three of our members.  $6 at the door per show, or Festival pass for $15.  

This week City Paper ran this article below: it also gives the basic info we have sent you before. Thanks, Mark Cofta for helping promote.

Hope to see you all at the Fish!--Kate, PDC Board Member



By Mark Cofta 
Published: 12/12/2013 | 


The Philadelphia Dramatists Center’s new play lab at the Walking Fish Theatre presents a show-and-tell of three plays in process by accomplished local writers: Bill Hollenbach’sInside the Gatehouse on Friday, David Robson’s Paint/Gun on Saturday and, on Sunday afternoon, The Bibliophile by Brian Grace-Duff. The program helps playwrights develop new work in a safe, nurturing environment. These rehearsed readings, cast with professional actors, allow the writers to hear their work brought to life — and provide valuable audience reactions. 

Fri.-Sun., Dec. 13-15, $7, Walking Fish Theatre, 2509 Frankford Ave., 215-427-9255,walkingfishtheatre.com

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Apologies to David Robson. No "e" .
by Kate McGrath
posted: 2013-11-27 09:36:07

 I was in a rush and got David Robson's name wrong in my blog post.  I have gone thru and corrected everything on the website, the event post, any other notices, etc.   My sincere apologies to him and to those who have corrected me since this morning. (And this from a girl whose maiden name is Rindfleisch...sigh.) Gotta go pack a car. Happy Thanksgiving to all.--Kate

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PDC LAB @ Walking Fish readings coming up!
by Kate McGrath
posted: 2013-11-27 06:26:57

Please come and support this pilot program--of interest to new and old PDC members alike--Bill, David and Brian are the featured playwrights.  Read on and save the dates!  --Kate 

A PLAYWRIGHT’S PROCESS: Please join the Philadelphia Dramatists Center and Walking Fish Theatre at LabFest, the inaugural public sharing of the 2013-14 PDC LAB @ Walking Fish, December 13, 14 and 15 at Walking Fish Theatre.  An exciting new play will be read each night by a cast of professional actors. Tickets will be available at the door for $6 per reading, or a LabFest price of $15 for all three performances. Reserve your seat by calling (215) 427-9255 or leave your ticket information at info@bsomeday.org. Further information and directions to Walking Fish Theatre can be found by visiting http://www.walkingfishtheatre.com.  A  moderated discussion will follow the readings.

 The schedule for the staged readings is as follows:

      Friday, December 13 @ 7pm, THE GATEHOUSE by Bill Hollenbach directed by Stan        Heleva

Saturday, December 14 @ 7pm, PAINT/GUN by Dave Robson, directed by Gina Martino

Sunday, December 15 @ 2pm, THE BIBLIOPHILE, by Brian Grace-Duff directed by Michelle Pauls


Philadelphia Dramatists Center (PDC) members Brian Grace-Duff, William Hollenbach, and David Robson were selected this past September to become the first participants in this unique pilot program: PDC LAB @ Walking Fish Theatre, which represents a new play development partnership between Walking Fish Theatre and the PDC. The lab produces workshops and readings intended to help playwrights take their plays through various stages of revision, the creation of a safe environment for playwrights, with a goal toward ultimately moving the play from page to stage. 


Michelle Pauls, Co-Artistic Director at Walking Fish Theatre, commented recently on what the LAB is designed to accomplish. “Play development is of the utmost importance in our line of work. That means giving time and space to a playwright to write, read, change, read again, etc. for an extended amount of time--longer than the usual rehearsal schedule of two to four weeks, much longer. There needs to be space for the play to grow, so that means time in between reading drafts--it is a process! At Walking Fish Theatre, we are process-driven, we believe in the artist, and want to provide a safe place for an artist to create. We are so excited to team up with PDC to workshop three brand new plays, all at various stages of development. Who knows, you might see one of them on our stage soon!”


First up on Friday, December 13 at 7 pm, will be playwright Bill Hollenbach.

Bill Hollenbach’s work ranges from the political and social, THE PERSECUTION OF CITIZEN VASILYCH, INSIDE THE GATEHOUSE, CITIZEN PAINE, and THE GHOST OF JOE HILL; to absurdism, SEVERED HEADS; and to farce, JIMMY THE D and THE CONTESTANTS, a radio play. His works have been honored as the Grand Prize Winner at Midwest Radio Theatre, as a recipient of a Special Opportunity Stipend from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and as a finalist at Dayton Playhouse’s FutureFest. His produced plays have appeared in many venues from Milwaukee to New York City.


Bill has this to say about the LAB process:  “Rewrites.  The nasty bane of a playwright's existence.  Each time you turn your hand to it, your confronted by what you've already written.  And you like it.  So it's easy to soldier on tinkering and tweaking when what you need is to look at the play in a whole new way.  Wham!  That's what I've got from the PDC/Walking Fish Lab experience.   I thought I knew the play, INSIDE THE GATEHOUSE, to be about four wealthy, white characters in their gated community suddenly finding themselves under attack from without and, under stress, turning and attacking  each other within.      But when I met with director, Stan Heleva, his first words were: "Casting.  What would you think if I cast two of the characters as black?"  Wham!  My play is about us versus them, I protested.  How can I bring the them inside? Pretty easy when somebody really gets you to open your mind.  I think it works.  Come see.”


Saturday December 14th at 7pm will feature David Robson’s play PAINT/GUN. Like Hollenbach, Robson is no stranger to play development, and he recently shared his insights on what the LAB has offered him:


“Once a first draft, maybe a second, is done, this playwright needs to air it out. The solitary name of writing a play keeps me in a bit of a bubble, and there's a nervous pleasure that comes from sharing it with a sympathetic director, an insightful dramaturg, and thoughtful actors. The first out-loud reading of my new play PAINT/GUN was a shock. I'd lived for over a year with the characters' voices in my head, but I had no idea whether those voices would translate from page to mouth. But at that first reading, it quickly became clear to me that the actors were pretty much hearing what I had written. It sounded great; they got this story of these three characters


immediately. Our work continued though. Director Gina Martino helped the actors navigate the play's shifting allegiances and the often deadpan humor. Dramaturg Theresa Leahy filled all of us in on the world of the play. As for me, I looked for the cracks--the places where stakes needed raising, the lines fell flat, or the diction wasn't specific enough. This kind of process is invaluable because unlike a novel, say, a play has to live and breathe in real time and until it begins to live and breathe in front of you, you don't quite know what kind of beast you have on your hands. The beauty of working on a play is that although it has my name on it, this beast is no longer mine alone. I have fellow travelers on this journey. Their commitment to the play is something for which I'm very grateful.”


David Robson is an award-winning playwright whose work for the stage has been hailed as "an important contribution to contemporary theater" by the Philadelphia Inquirer. He has an MFA in creative writing from Goddard College, an MS in English Education from St. Joseph's University, and a BA in Communications from Temple University. His plays include ASSASSIN (InterAct Theatre Company/Act II Playhouse), PLAYING LENI (co-written with John Stanton, Madhouse Theater Company), A FEW SMALL REPAIRS (Painted Bird Productions/Theater Catalyst), and MAN MEASURES MAN (InterAct Theatre Company, Barrymore Award nomination). He is the recipient of two fellowships in playwriting from the Delaware Division of the Arts. David is a member of the Dramatists' Guild and a former playwright in residence at the Lark Play Development Center in New York City. 

Finally on Sunday, December 15th at 2 pm, the LAB will present THE BIBIOPHILE by Brian Grace-Duff, directed by Michelle Pauls.  As a playwright, Brian Grace-Duff uses his full breadth of theatrical experience –from directing to design to stage management- to inform his work and fuel his passion to be a true collaborator on fearless plays. Most recently, he was selected as the Artist-in-Residence at BRAT Productions, which culminated in the world premiere of THE LAST PLOT IN REVENGE. Other recent presentations include FOR CHANGE with Philadelphia Theatre Company’s PTC@Play and work in Philadelphia’s One Minute Play Festival.



The lab is also designed to foster a relationship between Philadelphia-based playwrights and an important local theater. By facilitating intensive workshop opportunities, hosting staged readings, and moderating focused/specific post-reading discussions, PDC LAB @ Walking Fish Theatre is meant to serve as a model for artistic partnerships between playwrights and theaters throughout the city—partnerships that strive to cultivate an enduring, thoughtful, and engaged local audience.


The Co-producers:


B. SOMEDAY PRODUCTIONS AT WALKING FISH THEATRE: B. Someday Productions, a 501.c.(3) non-profit theatre-arts corporation, is a small independent producing and presenting theatre company, producing main stage shows, cabaret productions, educational outreach programs, co-producing comedy, and family theatre programs. B. Someday was honored with its first Barrymore Award for its outreach program, Of Mythic Proportions in 2010 by the Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia. Established in 2007, Walking Fish Theatre, home to B. Someday Productions, is located in Kensington, on the Frankford Avenue Corridor of the Arts in Philadelphia. B. Someday is committed, within its community and beyond, to bringing and creating art on the Frankford Avenue Arts Corridor. B. Someday Productions uses theatre, literature and myth to bring together artists and the community to discover new strategies for urban our challenges. B. Someday celebrates tradition while renewing the creative process through producing theatre--original, adaptation and in existence--providing educational programs and operating the Walking Fish Theatre.


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Ear Fuzz better link for details
by Kate McGrath
posted: 2013-11-08 11:07:39

 This is the real link is for the info about Ear Fuzz at Plays and Players coming up on Monday, November 18th.  Hope PDC members can attend and celebrate over at P&P


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EAR FUZZ coming up in a few weeks!
by Kate McGrath
posted: 2013-11-07 17:09:52

 Hi, everybody!  Please come out to support the PDC @ Plays and Players Residency, the details are in the link below.  Please save Monday, November 18th as a wonderful opportunity to come and see what is up over at our sister organization, Plays and Players.  It is always an interesting time, and our chance to hear the new batch of residents share.  How cool!  Hope you can all make it!--Kate McGrath 



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Celebration Theater-PDC short plays submission deadline approaches!
by Kate McGrath
posted: 2013-09-15 05:43:04

 Hi, ladies of the PDC! 

Just a reminder that the deadline for submitting to the PDC Celebration Theater co-production entitled Girltalk is this Thursday, September 19th.  The guidelines are in the link to the Celebration Theater website, below.  The call is for ten minute plays, old or new, and we'd love for you to submit your plays (three play limit) so please consider doing so asap!!!


Thanks everyone!--Kate

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Open Dress of RED HERRING at Villanova Theatre on Sept 29th a benefit for Ed Shockley
by Kate McGrath
posted: 2013-09-09 11:02:03

 September 9th, 2013

Villanova Theatre offers a Pay-What-You-Will Open Dress Rehearsal of Michael Hollinger’s RED HERRING on Sunday, September 29th --proceeds to  benefit PDC Founder Ed Shockley and his family, while Ed continues to recover from his stroke of a year ago.

 Every now and then the world of theatre becomes audience to a drama that plays out in the life of one of its own central figures; in this case that‘s multiple-prize-winning playwright Ed Shockley who is fighting his way back to recovery after suffering a stroke. In the absence of health insurance. PDC friend Michael Hollinger’s play RED HERRING is opening the fall season at Villanova Theatre, and the proceeds from the production’s open dress rehearsal will serve as a benefit for the Shockley family. Here is a great way to see a terrific play by one of Philadelphia’s better-known playwrights, and help Ed out at the same time. PDC members are urged to come on out to this one-of-a-kind event!

 Ed Shockley is unique among theatre artists in more ways than one. But fundamental to that is the fact that he gave “supporting-actor” status to the advancement of his own career when he founded the Philadelphia Dramatists Center in the mid-nineties after achieving widespread recognition as a highly gifted artist. He made it his goal to create a support resource in the form of a community of aspirant playwrights to help elevate the City of Philadelphia to greater height as a “theatre town.” As a consequence, many of the dramatists who have gained stature through the production of their work locally, regionally and nationally in the last decade owe much of their success to the teaching, coaching and mentoring of Ed.

 We hope to see tons of PDC members out at Villanova on

Sunday, September 29th at 8 pm

VILLANOVA THEATRE – 800 E. Lancaster Ave. – Villanova, PA – Box: 610-519-7474 RED HERRING    written by Michael Hollinger    directed by Harriet Power          

(Production dates:  October 1 - October 13, 2013) 

About the play: “madcap mischief, rising to helium-giddy heights!" – Washington Times - Three love stories, a murder mystery, and a nuclear espionage plot converge in this noir comedy about marriage and other explosive devices. It's 1952: America's on the verge of the H-bomb, Dwight Eisenhower's on the campaign trail, and I Love Lucy's on Monday nights. Meanwhile, Senator Joe McCarthy's daughter just got engaged to a Soviet spy, and Boston detective Maggie Pelletier has to find out who dumped the dead guy in the Harbor—or else lose out on a honeymoon in Havana. A blunt-nosed, sharp-eyed look at love and tying (and untying, and retying) the knot.    


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Colonial Quickies second weekend! And a good review!
by Kate McGrath
posted: 2013-07-17 12:35:12

 One more weekend to see Colonial Quickies featuring plays by PDC members Alex Dremman and Kate McGrath, among others.  Good summer fun.  Here's the link to a review that ran in a local paper the Delco News!


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Colonial Quickies is opening in two days!!!
by Kate McGrath
posted: 2013-07-09 15:02:38


Hi, PDC members!  Make sure you check out the upcoming production of Colonial Quickies.  PDC members have been featured in previous years, and this year my play OVERBITE gets its premiere!  Affordable, fun, and in a great suburban location-- this theatre loves local playwrights!  So get yourselves on out to it in the next two weeks!  I'm gonna be there with bells on this Saturday night.  Please join us.  Below is the basic info, and you can always go to their website...Cheers, Kate


Colonial Quickies! Up Next

colonial_logoOur 2012-2013 season concludes with our 13th annual Summer Short Play Festival “Colonial Quickies!” The ‘Black Box Theater production will feature original short plays written by playwrights from across the region and the country, staged by nearly 30 local theater artists.

This production is not recommended for younger children as some plays contain adult language and mature situations.

Production opens on Friday, July 11 at 8 p.m., and continues through Sunday, July 21.

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IronAge Residency: Update from the salt mines!
by Kate McGrath
posted: 2013-06-11 11:01:07

 Hi, all!  Just did another draft/revision of the play I am writing (one-woman show to tour) for the residency at IronAge. During the last month, very useful feedback came to me from some IronAge company members I admire, namely Ray Sarceni (whose play Manna I saw this past year at IronAge--really very cool and made my head spin) and Bob Weick, author of Marx in Soho, one of the company's touring productions, and John Doyle, who is my main point person this year.  Getting feedback from these guys is like getting golf lessons from Phil Mickelson.  Or something like that.

So I tried a new framing device, and made the motivation to tell the story of these factory workers in the 1900s a bit clearer--I hope.  I also added things that will be cut later--hmm. What is that expression: "...One step forward, two steps back..." Or perhaps it is a little bit like adding liquid --milk or water--to confectioners' sugar.  Ever wondered what's going on there, seems like the sugar just goes into a black hole, and you need to add more to make good frosting. You want this sucker to be THICK. But you also have to be able to spread it, goddamn it.  So you add more water.  A capful of vanilla goes in. Desperation takes over. Now it's just a GLAZE--holy crap!  Then it seems you are randomly adding more and more powdered sugar, you get a little wacky, there's stuff in your hair, you yell at the kids to back away, which they do so in terror of what you are creating in the kitchen, a white cloud descends....etc.  

So, my process is a little bit like that.  I just need to find the right consistency for the play to feel informative but not preachy. I want the audience to weep a little and think a lot more.  That kind of thing.  Then, next week, I will begin hearing the play with an actress--I'll have to update you on that once it happens but it is kind of exciting and definitely more exciting than frosting by itself, or frosting for frosting's sake.  

Tonight I'm off to Plays and Players to take in the EAR (Emerging Artists in Residence) showcase.  I think it used to have the word "fuzz" in the title, but no longer?  Anyway, it is at 8 pm down there, in case you didn't get the info.  Three PDC playwrights are on the docket: Robin, Alisha and Tommy, and there are other thing happening as well.

Cheers, Kate McGrath, PDC-IronAge Playwright in Residence 2013

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PDC President's Blog...where have I been?!? TAKE TWO
by Todd Holtsberry
posted: 2013-05-29 09:20:14

Hello PDCers,

I want out by saying how proud I am to be a part of our great community of theater artists! What started out as a writers organization, now affords all of us opportunities to interact with other artists who are involved in the creation and development of new theater...right here in Philly!

We are about a 100 strong, and growing every week. We are working towards our future, while focusing on our present, and honoring our past. We are creating more and more opportunities for us all to play.

The more we come together as a community, the better off we will all be.

I meant to blog a little more frequently than I have, to keep you all informed as to what is happening within the PDC and what your board is doing to keep us the fine organization that we are. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, to blog frequently, but I directed a play, have been running a staged reading series, working on new collaborations, strengthening old ones, running the board of the PDC, and working a couple of jobs.

-Writer's Circle is running strong under the leadership of Walt Vail!

- Our Residencies at Plays and Players and Iron Age Theatre are going strong...we are already working on the next year of them both, always looking at how they've been and how they could be better.

- We brought back the Bake-Off and it rocked so much, we will be doing it again next year at Plays and Players, on Sunday, 3/9/14. During the Bake-Off 10 new plays were created and read.

- We have the new PDC LAB @ Walking Fish Theatre starting and you will be hearing more about that as time goes on.

- Philly's Primary Stages is going strong at the CEC!

- We have started a nice collaboration with the Mermaid Inn Theatre, in which different PDC writer's plays will be featured.

- Our Literary Manager, and PDC Board Treasurer, Quinn Eli is doing great work in setting up readings at Spruce Hill Community Association and other locations.

- We have secured an Assistant Literary Manager, Nell Bang Jensen, who has taken a lot of load off Quinn's shoulders and who will also be a real asset to PDC members with a free dramaturgical consultation on any PDC member's play.

Here's what we're working on:

- Even more collaborations with theaters in and near Philadelphia, that will provide opportunities for our writer's plays to be produced...look for those announcements within the next 45 days!

- A totally new website that we are going to have designed, in collaboration with Jon Dorf and the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights. We will be working with a webdesigner who will essentially design the same website for both organizations, but with each of our own, unique, information for our respective organizations. This will allow us to have a totally redesigned, and updated, website that will be a much greater resource for our members. Our website address will stay the same, just the site itself will change. Look for that to happen by the end of this year.

- We are looking for dedicated PDC members to run for our next board this fall. We will be forming our nominating committee soon. If you are interested on being on that committee, or running for the board, please let me, or any other PDC board member know soon. You can email me at toddzz@hotmail.com. We will be losing a few board members, and need to start working on our next board now. If you're serious about the PDC, serving on our board is a great way to show it!

- We have reopened our search for a new Executive Director for the PDC. We are considering different options, including having two Co-Executive Directors. We may have found some candidates from within our organization, but we are also open to other candidates. Look for news on that, hopefully, by our fall Annual Member meeting and board elections!

- We are looking into another visit from a well known playwright (like our last visitor, Nicky Silver)...look for more news on that by the fall.

- We are looking into another type of writer's circle...one that would be a different format, maybe a coffee shop, or bar, that would appeal to writers that our current Writer's Circle does not. This is NOT meant as a substitute for our existing Writer's Circle, but rather an attempt to serve a wider spectrum of developmental opportunities for our writers and their varying styles and likes.

- We are looking into ways for us to come together more...as a COMMUNITY. We might even start having socials with a name like PDC "Community"...that might be pure socials, or maybe mixing events, where writers can talk to directors, actors, producers, dramaturgs, etc. These are just ideas, but the PDC is a hard working board, and everything starts with ideas.

I hope you are as PDC Proud as I am. We have a great organization and we need to let everybody we know about it and encourage them to join our COMMUNITY. It's as simple as asking "Are you a member of the PDC?" If they say "Yes.", you thank them. If they say "No.", you say "Why not?" Then you tell them about the great things we have happening and how to join...i.e. by going to our website.

If you have any question about the PDC, the work of it's board, or how you can make a difference, please let me, or any board member know.

Thanks for being a member of the PDC...A community of theater artists!

Todd Holtsberry

PDC Board President


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Dan Bove said on 2013-08-17:

Come see Someone Brought Me at the second stage at the Adrienne Theatre as part of GayFest, the Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian theatre festival. It's a post-apocolyptic story of exes and new beginnings.http://www.quinceproductions.com/someone.html



New Opportunity for members: PDC Labs at Walking Fish!
by Kate McGrath
posted: 2013-05-28 12:42:48

 Hey, everyone!

Just wanted to make sure our wonderful PDC members have seen our new call for submissions to PDC Lab at Walking Fish Theatre.  Brand new, this play development project is quite exciting, and offers our members yet another opportunity to work with an up and coming professional theatre company in this area--one we all love, Walking Fish Theatre.  Please consider submitting--deadline is June 30th.  Best of luck to all who decide to submit.  Cheers, Kate (PDC @ ironAge Playwright in Residence 2012-13, and PDC Board member, etc. etc.)

Philadelphia Dramatists Center is proud to announce a new program for PDC members: PDC Lab @ Walking Fish Theatre!

This pilot program represents a new play development partnership between Walking Fish Theatre and the PDC. The Lab produces workshops and readings intended to help playwrights take their plays through various stages of revision, the creation of a safe environment for playwrights, with a goal toward ultimately moving the play from page to stage. 

The Lab is also designed to foster a relationship between Philadelphia-based playwrights and an important local theater. 

By facilitating intensive workshop opportunities, hosting staged readings, and moderating focused/specific post-reading discussions, PDC Lab @ Walking Fish is meant to serve as a model for artistic partnerships between playwrights and theaters throughout the city—partnerships that strive to cultivate an enduring, thoughtful, and engaged local audience.

Three (3) playwrights will be selected to participate. In addition to hearing the play read by professional actors under the guidance of directors handpicked by the Walking Fish artistic staff, the playwrights work with PDC-affiliated dramaturgs to identify questions and goals for their plays. The plays will be rehearsed and revised over the course of a three-month period, culminating with a staged reading and/or script-in-hand development performance. During this period, playwrights will meet on at least three (3) occasions with their respective casts and collaborative teams to strengthen the plays by means of improvisation, table readings, and on-site revision. Additional meetings may be scheduled as necessary. Each selected playwright is required to attend all meetings of his or her team. 

The final reading or script-in-hand performance will occur at Walking Fish Theatre in December and be open to the general public. One play will be read each night over three consecutive nights. After his or her play has been featured, each playwright is required to participate in an in-depth discussion moderated by the dramaturg. This three-night event, billed as “LabFest,” will be held at Walking Fish Theatre on December 13, 14 and 15, 2013.

The deadline for submission is June 30. 

Applicants should provide in their cover letters a DETAILED STATEMENT of the goals they hope to pursue in the development of their work during the Lab process. The works itself and the clarity, specificity, and substance of the playwright’s statement will be the sole basis for consideration. All submissions will be forwarded to the artistic personnel of Walking Fish Theatre. Final selection of three playwrights will be made by Aug 31st, 2013. Walking Fish Theatre, not PDC, makes the final selections, and will announce the three playwrights by September 1st, 2013.

Plays that are developed through the PDC Lab may be considered for full production at Walking Fish Theater during a future season at the discretion of the Artistic Directors. 


• PDC Lab @ Walking Fish accepts submissions of full-length plays, or one-act plays longer than 30 pages to be developed over a three-month period. Submissions must be UNPRODUCED. (Non-Equity or staged readings are acceptable as “unproduced.”) The deadline for application is June 30, 2013.

• All submissions should be sent to: literary@pdc1.org.

• Electronic submissions only, please, as email attachments, preferably in PDF format. Receipt of submissions will be acknowledged by an email from the PDC Literary Manager. 

• Please include in the body of the email a statement of the specific goals that you would hope to achieve during the Lab – not only for the work itself, but also for yourself as a playwright.

• Though any local playwright may apply for the Lab, only current members of PDC are eligible to participate. If your play is the work of more than one author, all authors must be PDC members. Membership must be valid throughout the full period of the LAB. 

• Walking Fish Theatre, not PDC, makes the final play selections, and will notify the three playwrights directly by September 1st, 2013. 

• Each playwright selected for the Lab must agree to attend all meetings of his or her creative team. In addition, selected playwrights must attend the culminating reading/performance and participate in the post-play discussion during the weekend of December 13th. 

• Once chosen, each playwright agrees to meet in a timely fashion with the assigned director to generate a list of goals for the Lab and to address issues related to casting, schedule, etc. 

• If you have questions about the PDC Lab @ Walking Fish Theatre, or the submission procedure, please contact Quinn D. Eli, PDC Literary Manager, at the following address:literary@pdc1.org.

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PDC President's Blog...where have I been?!?
by Todd Holtsberry
posted: 2013-05-20 18:58:35


Hello PDCers,

I want out by saying how proud I am to be a part of our great community of theater artists! What started out as a writers organization, now affords all of us opportunities to interact with other artists who are involved in the creation and development of new theater...right here in Philly!

We are about a 100 strong, and growing every week. We are working towards our future, while focusing on our present, and honoring our past. We are creating more and more opportunities for us all to play.

The more we come together as a community, the better off we will all be.

I meant to blog a little more frequently than I have, to keep you all informed as to what is happening within the PDC and what your board is doing to keep us the fine organization that we are. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, to blog frequently, but I directed a play, have been running a staged reading series, working on new collaborations, strengthening old ones, running the board of the PDC, and working a couple of jobs.

-Writer's Circle is running strong under the leadership of Walt Vail!

- Our Residencies at Plays and Players and Iron Age Theatre are going strong...we are already working on the next year of them both, always looking at how they've been and how they could be better.

- We brought back the Bake-Off and it rocked so much, we will be doing it again next year at Plays and Players, on Sunday, 3/9/14. During the Bake-Off 10 new plays were created and read.

- We have the new PDC LAB @ Walking Fish Theatre starting and you will be hearing more about that as time goes on.

- Philly's Primary Stages is going strong at the CEC!

- We have started a nice collaboration with the Mermaid Inn Theatre, in which different PDC writer's plays will be featured.

- Our Literary Manager, and PDC Board Treasurer, Quinn Eli is doing great work in setting up readings at Spruce Hill Community Association and other locations.

- We have secured an Assistant Literary Manager, Nell Bang Jensen, who has taken a lot of load off Quinn's shoulders and who will also be a real asset to PDC members with a free dramaturgical consultation on any PDC member's play.

Here's what we're working on:

- Even more collaborations with theaters in and near Philadelphia, that will provide opportunities for our writer's plays to be produced...look for those announcements within the next 45 days!

- A totally new website that we are going to have designed, in collaboration with Jon Dorf and the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights. We will be working with a webdesigner who will essentially design the same website for both organizations, but with each of our own, unique, information for our respective organizations. This will allow us to have a totally redesigned, and updated, website that will be a much greater resource for our members. Our website address will stay the same, just the site itself will change. Look for that to happen by the end of this year.

- We are looking for dedicated PDC members to run for our next board this fall. We will be forming our nominating committee soon. If you are interested on being on that committee, or running for the board, please let me, or any other PDC board member know soon. You can email me at toddzz@hotmail.com. We will be losing a few board members, and need to start working on our next board now. If you're serious about the PDC, serving on our board is a great way to show it!

- We have reopened our search for a new Executive Director for the PDC. We are considering different options, including having two Co-Executive Directors. We may have found some candidates from within our organization, but we are also open to other candidates. Look for news on that, hopefully, by our fall Annual Member meeting and board elections!

- We are looking into another visit from a well known playwright (like our last visitor, Nicky Silver)...look for more news on that by the fall.

- We are looking into another type of writer's circle...one that would be a different format, maybe a coffee shop, or bar, that would appeal to writers that our current Writer's Circle does not. This is NOT meant as a substitute for our existing Writer's Circle, but rather an attempt to serve a wider spectrum of developmental opportunities for our writers and their varying styles and likes.

- We are looking into ways for us to come together more...as a COMMUNITY. We might even start having socials with a name like PDC "Community"...that might be pure socials, or maybe mixing events, where writers can talk to directors, actors, producers, dramaturgs, etc. These are just ideas, but the PDC is a hard working board, and everything starts with ideas.

I hope you are as PDC Proud as I am. We have a great organization and we need to let everybody we know about it and encourage them to join our COMMUNITY. It's as simple as asking "Are you a member of the PDC?" If they say "Yes.", you thank them. If they say "No.", you say "Why not?" Then you tell them about the great things we have happening and how to join...i.e. by going to our website.

If you have any question about the PDC, the work of it's board, or how you can make a difference, please let me, or any board member know.

Thanks for being a member of the PDC...A community of theater artists!

Todd Holtsberry

PDC Board President




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Todd Holtsberry said on 2013-05-29:

Sorry PDCers,

Just realized that most of my blog didn't seem to post...I will re-post soon...



Plays by PDC members tonight!
by Kate McGrath
posted: 2013-04-26 05:11:20

Hi, PDC members!  Come on down tonight (Friday) to the Shubin Theatre to sample some great work by a few of us PDC ladies.  Joy, Robin and I all have work being performed starting at 7 pm.  One night only for these puppies, so if you can, please join us!  The offer below is for half price. Hope to see you tonight!--Kate McGrath 

Tickets 50% off! CODE '2013half'  At the Shubin Theatre Friday Apr 26 7pm FROM A WOMAN'S POINT OF VIEW: Short plays by women: Debra Leigh Scott, Robin Rodriguez, Cat Hasson West, Kate McGrath & Joy Cutler.> www.j.mp/fri26th

 2013 Shubin April Fest 8th to 28th 
All tickets by date> www.j.mp/saf2013TIX
FRI Apr 26, 7PM: FROM A WOMAN'S POINT OF VIEW: Short plays by women: Debra Leigh Scott, Robin Rodriguez, Cat Hasson West, Kate McGrath & Joy Cutler.> www.j.mp/fri26th 
SAT Apr 27, 7PM: The Denise Shubin Night> www.j.mp/sat27th 
SUN Apr 28: Deep Cleaning / home improvement day; everyone pitches in, then PARTY TIME!> www.j.mp/sun28th 

 2013 Shubin April Fest Tickets
Shubin April Fest April 8th to 28th 

Online events with TicketLeap

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Ed Shockley's TENT SHOW this Thursday
by Kate McGrath
posted: 2013-04-09 07:08:19

 Hi, PDC members!  Our illustrious founder Ed Shockley is having a reading this Thursday, that is right, Thursday April 11th so please come on down to the Shubin.  Here is the info.

Come share an evening with playwright Ed Shockley and the Friends of Ed
Shockley Assistance Project for the reading of Ed's TENTSHOW, on Thurs.,
April 11, 2013 at the Shubin Theatre. This play was work-shopped in the
early 90's at NYC Frank Silvera Writers' Workshop and has been compared to
August Wilson's Fences. The reading is directed by Ozzie Jones. Doors open
at 6:30 and the reading starts at 7. Lite refreshments will be served.
Free; donations are welcome. This event is part of the Shubin April Fest.
The Shubin Theatre is located 407 Bainbridge St. For more information -
<http://www.shubintheatre.com/> www.shubintheatre.com, 215 592-0119.

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Spring Ahead by Baking These Ingredients into an Awesome Play
by Kristen Scatton
posted: 2013-03-07 14:33:34

 Dear Friends,

We invite you to "Spring Ahead" by writing an entirely awesome new play this weekend.
Since 2009, Philadelphia Dramatists Center and Plays & Players' "Bake-Off" project has birthed dozens of new plays featuring zombies, chicken salad sandwiches, baseball players, wild farm animals, live sex acts, and the complete transformation of the entire earth and sky.
This year, we have no idea what new plays will come to life, but we know they will be amazing and memorable.
So it is with much enthusiasm that Philadelphia Dramatists Center and Plays & Players invite you to participate in The Spring Ahead Bake-Off: a playwriting event celebrating the joy of writing a play and sharing it.
To celebrate, we want as many Philadelphia-area artists as possible (and of any experience level) to write a totally new play over the next three days.
These new plays must include three common ingredients, provided by New Haven-based playwright Dipika Guha, Chicago-based director Matthew Ozawa, and the Emerging Artists in Residence (EAR) Actors' Residency (see bios at the end of this notice).
The three ingredients are below, and will be also posted Thursday evening, March 7th, at the following locations:
++ Philadelphia Dramatists Center (PDC) website : www.pdc1.org
++ Philadelphia Dramatists Center (PDC) Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/47612630052/?fref=ts 
++  include in your play a scene or moment of "the impossible to stage". 
++ Something made out of dandelions.
++  A frozen tableau lasting 10 seconds inspired by these two images:
1: http://www.reconstructinghistory.com/image_lib/GheeraertsBess1592sm.jpg
2: http://www.texaswisdom.com/assets/images/implant%20xray2.jpgxray01.jpg  
Brave writers, you will have until 2:00 pm on Sunday to bake these ingredients into a totally new, totally amazing play of any length.
We will gather on Sunday, March 10th (Daylight Savings! also Chuck Norris's birthday!), on the mainstage of Plays and Players Theater at 1714 Delancey Place.  From 2:00 - 2:30 we can say hello, mingle, snack, all while enjoying the live music of Hot Breakfast, "Delaware's premier acoustic dork-rock power duo".
From 2:30 pm until 5:30 pm, an adventurous, talented, and diverse ensemble of Philadelphia actors will breathe life into as many of these new plays as possible.
In order to make the best use of our time, resources and experience, we ask that you:
1. Bring enough copies of your play to be read by as many performers as you'll need (including stage directions). 
2. Bring your sense of humor.
3. Bring your most daring play imaginable.
Philadelphia Dramatists Center (PDC) and Plays & Players look forward to this Spring Ahead, and to baking brand-new works of theater with you.
For more information, please contact Spring Ahead organizer Greg Romero at gregoryromero@yahoo.com
Have an awesome day, and happy writing!
Matthew Ozawa has an international directing career including work with Lyric Opera of Chicago, San Francisco Opera, Santa Fe Opera, Houston Grand Opera and Oregon Shakespeare Festival among others. Ozawa has trained with the SITI Company, and has worked with artists such as Meredith Monk, Peter Sellars and Isaac Mizrahi.  He is based out of Chicago, and passionate about interdisciplinary theater. 
Dipika Guha’s plays include THE BETROTHED (Wellfleet Harbour Actors Theatre, Chester Theatre), PASSING (Risk Festival, Cutting Ball Theatre) and THE RULES (Superlab workshop Playwrights Horizons/Clubbed Thumb, Old Vic New Voices workshop). Her plays have been developed at Oregon Shakespeare Festival, WordBRIDGE, Ars Nova and Tobacco Theatre (UK) among others. Residencies include Ucross Foundation, Djerassi, SPACE at Ryder Farm. Fellowships include Dramatists Guild Fellowship and a Time Warner Fellowship at the Women’s Project Playwrights Lab. Dipika graduated from the MFA Playwriting Program at the Yale School of Drama where she studied with Paula Vogel.
The aim of the Emerging Artists in Residence (EAR) Actors' Residency is to develop theater artists’ work towards goals that they have articulated for themselves. The focus of this program is artist development, providing space for experimentation, support and guidance from artistic peers, and feedback from professionals. Amanda Anne Atkinson is a California-born actress who fell in love with Philadelphia.  Most recent roles include: Margaret/Showman and costume designer in iNtuitons Experimental Theatre’s Woyzeck, Cavale in Front Row Theatre’s Cowboy Mouth, and Columbia in The Pennsylvania Players’ The Rocky Horror Show. New to Philadelphia from Central Pennsylvania, some of Marci Chamberlain's favorite roles include Bella in Big Love, Rabbi Chemelwitz in Angels in America, and The Power Animal in Stephanie Skura’s The Corduroy Prayer. Jenna Horton is a Philadelphia-based independent performing artist. Since attending the Headlong Performance Institute in 2009, she has worked as an actor with a number of local companies including The Berserker Residents, Team Sunshine Performance Corporation, Applied Mechanics, IRC, Bright Light Theatre Company, Gas & Electric Arts, and Shakespeare in Clark Park.
Philadelphia Dramatists Center
Plays & Players
Greg Romero

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PDC at Iron Age Residency Blog
by Kate McGrath
posted: 2013-01-14 13:00:25

Last night I did my homework and took myself to Centre Theater to see Bill Hollenbach's smart and moving play CITIZEN PAINE.  This performance was part of the Independent Voices Fest, and also inspirational for me since a fantastic and specific model of a one-actor touring production (it has already toured the country and I was lucky to catch it in Norristown!) similar to what I'm working on/genre of my own current residency.  Wow--it was nothing short of riveting, and gave me such ideas about how historically-based characters can leap off the page, be grounded in moment to moment decision and discovery. Actor  Adam Altman in the role of Thomas Paine, created a Paine that was petulant and passionate, and kept me guessing with (because of Bill's interesting structure) the personal and political juxtaposed and interwoven.  One section, where a young woman is arrested and dragged thru town, tarred and hung and then burned, all before Thomas Paine's eyes, was an unforgettable key to a lifelong passion for economic equality.  The play is full of moments like that, where Bill was able to pinpoint revelations that later found their way into Paine's heartfelt treatises, including Common Sense.  

I also did not know how misunderstood and marginalized Paine was. As I watched Adam perform in Bill's play, I could identify with Paine:he's got the caring of his father the Quaker, the passion of what he has witnessed in an unjust world of constant change and all that was Philadelphia 1770's... But he also alienated a few key players along the way, and was shunted to the side. Paine's words about how we can possibly stand by while children starve in the streets, or immigrants die of typhus before they have even begun to disembark from their passage, have echoes today, ripples into the way we all vote and debate and live our own lives.  Creating "a way in"  to character is one thing I'll need to do for my own play-in-progress about Mother Jones and young, vulnerable immigrant women who chose to strike in the turbulant times one hundred years ago.  Congrats to Bill, Adam, John Doyle and the creative team who helped shape this lasting piece of theatre. Kate McGrath

comment on this blog entry


Kate McGrath said on 2013-01-15:

Thanks so much, Gordon, I'll be sure to check it out. MJ is one of several narrators I'm using, with an actress transitioning in and out of her, Rose Schneiderman, and victims and witnesses of Triangle Shirtwaist Fire...several dialects, POV and ages of speakers...--k


Gordon Bennett said on 2013-01-15:

I've seen the Paine show a year or two ago and it is excellent. If you're researching Mother Jones you might like to know that Peggy Orner has done her own one-woman show on Mother Jones, quite successfully. FYI her e-mail is mother_jones@hotmail.com


Bill Hllenbach said on 2013-01-14:

Who is this guy, Hollenbach? I'd like to meet him.


Todd Holtsberry said on 2013-01-14:

Thanks Kate!



PDC President's Blog...Happy Holidays!
by Todd Holtsberry
posted: 2012-12-11 20:52:00

Hello PDCers,

It's time for the second installment of my monthly President's Blog to keep you all informed as to what's happening within the PDC and its board.
First of all, Happy Holidays to all, no matter what faith or beliefs you may follow. I hope it's a time of great joy, health, and happiness that you might share with your friends and family.
Now, here's what the PDC board has accomplished recently:
1) Board member Kate McGrath is doing a great job as our point person on what's happening with the "Friends of Ed Shockley Assistance Project" that is designed to help Ed Shockley, and his family, in the aftermath of his having suffered a stroke, with no health care. Kate has attended some meetings with others in the community who are coming together to help Ed. I strongly encourage you to join the Facebook page designed to providing info and allowing you to make an online donation, via PayPal. The link to the Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/#!/EdShockleysFriends?fref=ts .
As somebody that helped start the PDC, and served as our Executive Director for years, Ed is a dear friend to the PDC and somebody that we should help in his time of need.
The board also unanimously voted to add to our donations to Ed by donating an additional $150.00 that was raised at our last Philly's Primary Stages. This brings the total that the PDC, as an organization, has donated to the Shockleys as $500.00. Additionally, several of our members, particularly those in Writer's Circle, have made several private donations to the family. We should all be proud of our show of support for our dear friend, past Executive Director, and one of the founders of our great organization.
Kate will be keeping us aware of events that will be happening around town, by various arts organizations, to support this cause. It is my hope that you all consider participating in them as well. If you have any questions, you can contact Kate by email at kmcgrath06@hotmail.com .
2) We asked you all what you thought about amending our bylaws to allow the members to elect the board and the board to then elect its officers, as has been the fashion over the last five or six years. We felt it was proper to let the members know that we have not been in compliance with this (our bylaws state that both board AND officers should be elected by members at our annual meeting (and wanted your feedback before we voted on this amendment to our bylaws.
Based on the insightful feedback received, we have chosen to NOT amend the bylaws. We will allow the board elected officers to stay in office this year, but at our next board meeting, we will adhere to the bylaws and have members elect the board AND its officers.
Thanks for your feedback on this…it made a difference.
3) New board member Jerry Rudasill has found an accountant to handle our books pro bono…Jerry, Quinn Eli (our Treasurer), and the accountant will work things out to make that transition happen. This will be the first time I can remember us having an actual accountant handle our books in recent years!
 Here’s what the PDC Board is currently working on:
1) We are working on a return of “Readings in Restaurants” – Jerry, Quinn, and perhaps myself, will be meeting with a West Philly restaurant Jerry has made connections with and we hope to see that happen within the next month, or two.
2) Board member Candace Gordon will have rates and paperwork for Premises Liability insurance for board approval at our next meeting. This is insurance that the PDC board has been talking about over the last year, or two, and something that we really should have in order to protect our own and people that might attend our events.
3) I am in discussions with The Painted Bride, and a producer of a really cool, and existing program in Philly to possibly form a three way sponsorship. This is a series that would provide a totally different form of play writing for our members. We had been talking about a totally different collaboration between the PDC, The Painted Bride, and Ed Shockley’s Mosaic Theatre, but with Ed’s recent health situation, we have put that on hold, pending Ed’s recovery.
4) Board Vice-President Melissa McBain, and board member Mickey Leone, are going to work together, along with Quinn, to potentially hold some readings in Chestnut Hill, at the Muse House. This will accommodate some of our members in that area and hopefully give our members from the Center City area a reason to road trip to Chestnut Hill.
5) We are currently looking for a webmaster, preferably one that can offer some pro bono or reduced fees, for a non-profit organization, like us. Richard Kotulski, our former board member, now lives on the West coast and has indicated to us that while he is still willing to work for us for an hourly fee, he is too busy to donate his services. If you know of anybody that the board might be able to talk to, please let me, or another board member, know.
Hopefully you see the good things that are happening at the PDC. Why don’t you blog on the PDC website and tell us what good things are happening in your life, in your pursuit of being part of new play development…right here in the Philly area?
If you need me, please feel to reach me by email, at toddzz@hotmail.com , or by phone at 267-231-8394.
If you want to be more involved in the PDC…just ask. If you know someone who is not a PDC member, and should be…just ask them to join.
Todd Holtsberry,
PDC Board President

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perdrix said on 2016-01-11:

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Pat McGeever said on 2012-12-12:

Glad to hear about the search for a Readings in Restaurants site. Hope you can find one with a private, quiet space where we don't have to compete with the usual restaurant noise. Keep up the good work, all!



Two Weeks Available for Rent at Walnut Studio 5
by Ken Kaissar
posted: 2012-12-10 13:57:52

 Dear PDC Family: 

I had rented two weeks in the Walnut Street Studio 5 this summer to put up another one of my plays.  But then got an opportunity to go direct THE SOUND OF MUSIC at the Millbrook Playhouse.  So I'm giving up my weeks.  

But if any of you need a space for a project this summer, let me know.  You can have my weeks.  The rent is really cheap.  $600 a week and you can run Tuesday - Sunday.  The weeks are June 24 - July 7th. 

Very reasonable.  Good opportunity to put up your work and see how it plays in front of an audience. 

If you're interested.  Feel free to email me at kenkaissar@yahoo.com. 

Happy Holidays everyone!!!



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IronAge Residency 2012-13
by Kate McGrath
posted: 2012-12-05 05:41:06

So, um, I hate research.  Which explains why I applied for a residency to write a historically-based social issue play.  Seriously, I am very glad that my recent check-in meeting with John Doyle, Artistic director at IronAge, resulted in great relief (for me) that I am on target, basically, with the topic I spent some time selecting, and  a bunch of background work, and can go full steam ahead into the next phase: hammering out a more complete draft.  John and one of his colleagues at IronAge looked at my "blueprint" for the play, which is right now a one-woman piece about Mother Jones (rabble rouser extraordinaire), the factory worker strikes circa 1900's, and the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire.  We discussed things like: balance of the main characters who will be played by one actress with transitions, the use of the key object in the play (a ragdoll that can be used in puppet fashion to play several roles but also be a child, a falling body, a Gibson Girl, a strike sympathizing socialite, etc.) and how I might do further research with someone who has made a film about the infamous fire. John assured me that the key emotional and personal moments I am interested in would be of equal interest to our targeted audience, and since IronAge has several touring plays like this out in the world, he knows wherof he speaks.

So, research is hardly over (really, it has only just begun!), but I am now going back to visit specific moments in history that have to do with child labor law but applied to incidents, or women's sufferage that has to do with character interaction...  No more quotes that just strike my fancy, without dramatic context. That's kind of fun, but not great dramaturgy.  I have my characters, and structure: Glory Hallelulia! In terms of the residency itself,  John gave great comfort when he said things like, "we have people for that" which doesn't mean I don't have to work hard as a playwright, but really gives one that feeling of being on a team, not having to constantly don my dramaturg's hat, and as we move toward involving an actress to really develop what I have so far, I can hardly contain my excitement!

More anon!  Best wishes to all, Kate McGrath

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Frank Burd said on 2013-01-15:

I've done a little research into the Triangle fire, to pass what I can to my children. My great aunt, my father's aunt, was on the 8th floor, the locked floor, when the fire began. She is one of those immigrant teenagers who was working there that day. She survived, jumping from a window, and was one of the lucky ones who landed in a net, though she damaged her uterus in the fall, and was never able to have children.


Bill Hollenbach said on 2012-12-05:

Great to hear you're off to such a good start. Now the real fun begins.


Todd Holtsberry said on 2012-12-05:

Thanks for letting us know how your residency is going Kate. Good stuff and looking forward to hearing more about it as you continue on this journey!


bill rolleri said on 2012-12-05:

Fabulous Launch! Bon voyage!



Here's to a great year ahead for the PDC!
by Todd Holtsberry
posted: 2012-11-13 20:51:24

Hello PDCers,

This will be a first in what I hope to be regular blogging I will do on our website. Don't worry...it won't be daily...I am hoping it will be monthly. I plan on doing this as part of my service as the new PDC Board President and in an effort to keep you all up to date on PDC and PDC Board happenings. Hopefully you will find it informative...that's my goal. 

So...I am proud to say that we have the following great board officers: Melissa McBain, Vice-President; Quinn D. Eli, Treasurer (and Literary Manager); Jody Gross, Secretary; and myself as President (only as great the board as a whole). I am equally proud of our other board members: Candace Gordon, Bill Rolleri, Mickey Leone, Jerry Rudasill, and Kate McGrath. They will serve us well.

Filling Kristen Scatton's shoes, as our President over the last year will be hard...but I'm not dumb. I found a way to keep her around. She is our new staff member as our PDC Communications Manager! Those Sunday night blasts of what's happening both inside the PDC and out will continue to be her primary role. However, we will be trying to trick her into a few other things...please don't tell her I said that. I am happy to say that Kristen is still there if I/we need her.

We had our first meeting of the newly convened board...and it felt good. Having enjoyed serving on the board for the last three years, and this being my fourth newly convened board meeting, I can tell you it can be a time of uncertainty. Sure I knew most of the new board members and I recruited three of them. I didn't really know Mickey though and even though I knew Kate, Jerry, and Jody...people can change when they get on boards...sometimes even get ugly with board politics.

That didn't happen at this meeting. The returning board there were all very pleased with what appears to be another hard working and committed board who will serve the membership well. We established that healthy, respectful discourse is allowed and to be expected...all in the service of the PDC and it's members.

Here are some things we accomplished:

1) We cleaned up some wording in the Bylaws. Nothing drastic, just that our annual meeting happens in October (we had previously had it in September and then the board from about three years ago voted to move it to October so as not to compete with The Philly Live Arts and Fringe Festival), and to clarify Members and  Collaborative Artists Members (There was some repetitive wording and we felt like Collaborative Artist Members deserved voting priviledges too).This was a part of our review of our Bylaws, so that we make sure we follow them and look for items that need ammending. If it is something a little more major, we will always put it before the membership before we officially vote on it. In our review, we also found a section about the election of PDC Board officers that has not been being followed the last four or five years. Look for info on that soon as we will want to know what you think before we either change it to what has been happening the last four or five years or make sure that we begin to follow it as written.

2) We approved the return of The Bake-Off! This will be curated by Greg Romero, with my support. Plays and Players will be our host, but it will be our baby. It looks like this will be happening in March of 2013...look for more info soon.

3) We discussed what we needed to do to transfer everything over from Kristen to the appropriate board members...and what we hope she will continue to do.

4) We talked about the PDC, our mission statement, who we are, and who we serve.

5) We talked about our goals as board members and we discussed things like: micro-grants to members to self-produce; resuming the search for an Executive Director for the PDC; the possible return of Readings in Restaurants, continuing to add new programming; outreach programs with producing organizations; and the proverbial more.

Please don't hesitate to let myself, or any of the new PDC Board know of any questions, concerns, or desires for that you might have. You'll find our contact info on our website...you'll also see mine below. If you have ideas for programming, we'll take those too.

I think the next year is going to be a good year for the PDC and it's members...I hope you do as well!


PDC Board President




comment on this blog entry


Todd Holtsberry said on 2012-12-03:

Hello Pat, I will continue to do a monthly blog, like this one, that will be designed to let the membership know what is happening within the PDC, and thus it's board meetings. This will give the meat of what is happening while cutting through the fat of the minutes.


Pat McGeever said on 2012-11-14:

Thanks for the update, Todd. Will we also receive minutes of board meetings, including things like who was present, what motions were made, passed, etc.?



Celebration Theatre features PDC playwrights in GIRL TALK
by Kate McGrath
posted: 2012-11-08 10:17:39

Hi--a quick reminder to come out and support this celebration of women playwrights, all of whom are PDC members!  This Friday and Saturday at 7:30 in beautiful Historic Lansdowne, PA.  Only $5!  At Penn Wood High School, which features plenty of parking and is a shrt walk form downtown Lansdowne.  Hope you can join us! Here's the link:  http://celebrationtheater.com/rsvp/





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Bloogging the PDC @ Plays & Players Residency
by Robin Rodriguez
posted: 2012-11-05 19:51:32


For those who don’t know me, I’m one of the three PDC @ Plays & Players Residents for 2012-2013 and over the next eight months I’ll be blogging here now and again.

If anyone has specific questions, let me know; otherwise my goal is less sharing my feelings and more giving information. I know in the past I’ve sometimes wished I had more specific info about the residency program to help me decide things like: should I apply, did I have artistic goals that lined up, what do the residents actually do that I might find helpful, etc.

Not that my path this year will be the definitive one, but hopefully it can serve as one example that might spark ideas in those of you who want to apply down the road.

A short overview:

As most of you know, the program is beginning its third year. Each year has been different, and the goal is for that flexibility to continue in the sense that there won’t ever be a set agenda beyond supporting artistic development. Thus the artists involved, with their individual and collective interests, will guide what happens.

There are, though, a couple of specific things new this year. The program is nine months, not a year. And P&P has added an actor residency (not technically a PDC program but obviously we’ll be working together.) So right now there are three playwrights and three actors. Each group (actors and writers) has two coordinators, with Daniel Student as the overall coordinator. The two playwright coordinators are Quinn Eli and Suzana Berger (a director/writer who at the moment is directing Spring Awakening for The Penn Players.)

And our first project starts tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov 6) at 7 pm, after we have voted but before any election results are in. A twenty-four hour playwriting experience that culminates in three plays presented to the public on Wednesday at 7pm and 9pm. (tix $15, $10 for students.)

I know many of you have done the twenty-four-hour deal; personally I always refused under the excuse that I like sleep too much and don’t write well under short deadlines. But for me this year is all about stretching boundaries and going to uncomfortable places, so I’ll be at P&P for most of Tuesday night through Wednesday evening. We’ll be working with our acting residents plus other great local actors, directors, and even a designer or two. It should be fun and productive.

So if you get a chance, come to Plays & Players Wednesday night, meet the PDC playwrights, if you haven’t already, and check out our plays about “24 Hours Later: A Presidential Survival Guide."


Robin Rodriguez

comment on this blog entry


Kate McGrath said on 2012-11-14:

Sounds like a lot of fun, and even more collaborative in nature than before...Sorry I did not make it to the performance last Wednesday, hope it was useful. I wish you well, Robin! (And the other PDC Playwrights!)


Todd Holtsberry said on 2012-11-05:

I love it Robin! I hope your residency is a great one and I look forward to seeing and hearing more it in the months to come. Thanks! Todd



Readings bring a play to life
by Bill Hollenbach
posted: 2012-10-31 08:41:33

I hope everybody made it through the storm safely and with as little disruption as possible.  It was pretty crazy in some places, not so bad in others -- kind of like a play sitting in your computer.  There's really no way to know how good or bad a script is until you hear it aloud and watch and listen to a real audience respond.  I guess the mayor of Atlantic City thought he'd made a good decision sheltering people in AC until he heard Governor Christie's response.  Maybe he would do it again.  Who knows?  

I know my play THE PACT has been through several readings which many of you have attended and made great contributions to the way I look at the script, and you have seen many changes based on your feedback.  But all along I have resisted one change that many of you have asked for.  I won't say what it is, because at the rescheduled reading of the play at InterAct on Monday, Nov. 5 at 7:00 PM, I don't want to influence any one's experience of the play as it now is.  Let the reactions flow naturally and honestly.  I think that the current version is right and i'd like to have it in the mail, but your attendance and feedback have the power to bring down my power lines and leave me stranded at my computer waiting for my brain to come back on.  Or you can send me to the post office with a hopeful step and a friendly greeting for the clerk.

Rescheduled reading of THE PACT at InterAct Theatre  on Monday, Nov. 5 at 7:00 PM.

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Celebration Theater to produce plays by PDC women!
by Kate McGrath
posted: 2012-10-19 08:12:27

Save the Date, PDC members!  Celebration Theater in Lansdowne has announced their November production of short plays by local--aka PDC--playwrights!  Congrats to the playwrights who were selected (see below) and thanks to all of the wonderful writers who submitted. Here's hoping this becomes a grand tradition. More info will come later on, but please plan to come out to Lansdowne (easily accessible by train from Center City) and support this celebration of our members' work!--Kate McGrath


GIRL TALK  a Celebration of Women's Voices



produced by Celebration Theater



November 9 & 10, 2012
Performances at 7:30 pm

Penn Wood High School Theater
100 Green Avenue, Lansdowne, PA 19050 

Tickets: $5 each


Heirloom Blue 
by Robin Rodriguez
Directed by Cassy Pressimone Beckowski
featuring Donya Coldwell and Allison Pressimone
by Diana Cavallo
Directed by Clare Hughes
featuring Ginger Fries
How to Fold 
by Kate McGrath
Directed by Terry Baraldi
featuring Delphine Evenchik 
and Clare Hughes
Lost Luggage
by Susan Cain McQuilkin
Directed by Josselyn Byrnes
featuring Cherise Rollins and Matt Slutz

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PDC Annual General Membership Meeting Set for Oct. 21
by Kristen Scatton
posted: 2012-10-02 06:46:39

 PDC's annual general membership meeting will be held on Sunday, October 21, 2012 from 2-4 pm at the Painted Bride Art Center, 230 Vine Street, Philadelphia, PA. All members are invited to attend. 

Elections for new Board of Directors members will be held at the general meeting. Please check back in the coming weeks for more information about about candidates running for the Board.

The Board of Directors will also report on PDC activities in the past year, and update members on new and upcoming projects that are being worked on for 2012-2013. The general membership meeting is also a great opportunity to visit and reconnect with other members.

Light refreshments will be served. Hope to see you there!

comment on this blog entry


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by Kristen Scatton
posted: 2012-09-05 11:44:19






The Broadway-produced writer of The Lyons, Raised in Captivity, Pterodactyls, The Food Chain and more will be in Philadelphia for a special one-night only event Sunday, September 23, 2012 at Fergie’s Pub. The evening will feature an exclusive Q&A with Silver as well as a Happy Hour, live music, silent auction, complimentary snacks and more. All proceeds benefit the PDC.


WHEN:      Sunday, Sept. 23/Happy Hour at 5 pm, Q&A at 7 pm

WHERE:    Fergie’s Pub, 1214 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA

TICKETS:  In Advance - $25 general public/$20 for PDC members with SECRET discount code. E-mail PDC Board President Kristen Scatton at kmbs129@yahoo.com or PDC Board Vice-President Todd Holtsberry at toddzz@hotmail.com for the discount code.

At the Door - $30 general public/$25 for PDC members

Tickets ON SALE NOW at www.brownpapertickets.com or by calling





Questions? Contact PDC Board Vice-President Todd Holtsberry at 267-231-8394 or toddzz@hotmail.com.

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Celebration Theater to produce plays by women!
by Kate McGrath
posted: 2012-08-29 16:36:38

Aug 29th 2012

 Hi, all! Below is a posting with a real quick turn around, an opportunity to submit for PDC's female playwrights!  Yeah!  This is an enthusiastic group based in Lansdowne, PA with a performance space, an audience, actors, rehearsal space and directors all intact--all they need is great plays by some of our members!  Hope you can all send something in.  Best, PDC member Kate McGrath


GIRL TALK : A Celebration of Women Playwrights

 Celebration Theater of Lansdowne, PA,  proudly announces a call for Philadelphia area playwrights who are of the female persuasion for TEN MINUTE PLAYS or 1-2 PAGE MONOLOGUES to be considered for a local full production November 9th and 10th.   This premiere production of new work by talented local authors will  be the kick- off to Celebration Theater’s  2012-2013 season.

 Plays should be ten pages or less, feature simple scenic and lighting requirements, and be written for small casts (4 actors or less, male or female performers).  Unpublished plays only, previously produced is fine.

 Plays and monologues should be submitted electronically by Wednesday, September 12th,  2012  in PDF or Word (.doc)  format as attachments to a brief cover letter, with “Girl Talk” in the subject line to:  info@celebrationtheater.com.   Two submission limit per playwright.  All themes and subjects are welcome, women’s issues and strong roles for women a plus. 

6-7 selected playwrights will be notified in late September, and directors will cast the plays from a pool of actors, and  rehearse  in Lansdowne, PA September/October.  The production, entitled GIRL TALK: A Celebration of Women Playwrights will consist of  two fully staged evening performances of  these selected original works at Penn Wood High School’s charming proscenium 300 seat theatre. 

 Questions?  Please contact Celebration Theater at info@celebrationtheater.com

 Organization Mission: Celebration Theater's mission is to mount first-rate theatrical productions that challenge and entertain a diverse audience, both from Lansdowne and from a broad range of communities in and around Philadelphia.

 Organization Description: Celebration Theater is a regional theater that is an initiative of the Lansdowne Main Street Program (Phone: 610-745-4013), a project of the Lansdowne Economic Development Corporation (LEDC). Visit the LEDC online at www.LansdownesFuture.org.


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Congratulations to Barrymore-nominated PDC members Walt Vail and Jacqueline Goldfinger!
by Kristen Scatton
posted: 2012-08-20 12:35:23

PDC members Walt Vail and Jacqueline Goldfinger have both received nominations for awards presented through the Theater Alliance of Greater Philadelphia's Barrymore Awards for Excellence in Theater.

Goldfinger was nominated for the F. Otto Haas for an Emerging Philadelphia Theater Artist. The only one of its kind in the nation, the F. Otto Haas Award "is intended to support the artist's living expenses so that they can focus on their craft as well as to encourage theatre artists to remain in the Philadelphia community." A $10,000 cash prize is given to the recipient, with $1,000 to each finalist.

Goldfinger's play "Slip/Shot," which was produced this past season by Flashpoint Theater Company, was also nominated for the Independence Foundation Award for Outstanding New Play, and the Brown Martin Philadelphia Award.

Vail's play "Branch," which was produced by the Society Hill Playhouse, was also nominated for the Brown Martin Philadelphia Award, which honors "those plays that best lead audiences to a better understanding of the unique experience of particular segments of our global community through their accurate and insightful representation of perspectives unique to gender, ethnicity, religion, age, and other categories of specialized experience." The price for the Brown Martin Philadelphia Award is $25,000 to the producing organization for a play that "illuminates the meaning of diversity."

The winners of the F. Otta Haas Award and the Brown Martin Philadelphia Award will be announced at a special event called Theater Philadelphia on October 22, 2012 at the Kimmel Center's Perelman Theater. The winners of Barrymore Awards for general categories will be announced later in September.

Congratulations to Walt and Jacqueline, and best of luck!

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Todd Holtsberry said on 2012-08-20:

Congratulations to the both of them. Hear, hear!


Chris Kaiser said on 2012-08-20:

Congratulations to Walt and Jacqueline! All the best!



Call for Submissions: PDC @ Plays & Players Residency
by Kristen Scatton
posted: 2012-07-10 10:50:20

 Dear PDC Members,

Plays & Players and the Philadelphia Dramatists Center (PDC) are pleased to announce the third year of the PDC @ Plays & Players Playwright Residency.  This 9-month residency, which will run from October 2012 to June 2013, is an exclusive opportunity for PDC members to work on artistic development at one of Philadelphia’s oldest and most respected theaters. 
The aim of the PDC @ Plays & Players Playwright Residency is to develop two to three playwrights towards goals that they have articulated for themselves, through the providing of a safe space for experimentation, through support and guidance from artistic peers, through feedback from play development professionals, and through public performance opportunities. The focus of this program is artist development, not the development of an individual work.
-Monthly gatherings in which playwrights will meet with fellow resident artists, dramaturgs, program staff, and guest speakers for development meetings or workshops designed to focus on some topic relevant to the development of the Residents. Examples of guest speakers or workshop leaders include artistic directors, professional directors and other collaborating artists, as well as speakers or workshop leaders from areas of expertise other than theater, including experts in language, visual design, politics, culture, history, or any other subject that either speaks to the specific chemistry of the Residency as it unfolds or that might serve as a catalyst for an assignment.
-Developmental activities of past residencies include a class at the Philadelphia Circus School, a puppet making workshop with Robert Smythe, a discussion with Isaiah Zagar in his private Philadelphia Magic Gardens studio, a tour of Laurel Hill Cemetery, observing a rehearsal from Headlong Dance Theatre, and more.
-Opportunities to experiment in different forms connected to the Plays & Players programming.
-Priority on free space for writing, closed door readings of work, public workshops and readings, etc., as requested.
-Opportunities to present work to other members of the industry and the public generated by the Residency.
-Chances to give back by leading workshops for public and other artists. 
-A "residency day" to share the experience of the residency with playwriting and artistic peers.
Please send the following materials to literary@pdc1.org no later than midnight on AUGUST 15, 2012
1. A playwriting sample of no more than 20 pages in a standard script format. Applicants can choose selections from multiple plays or a single play that they think best exemplifies the breadth of their strength as a writer.
2. A statement of purpose of no more than 2 pages in Times New Roman, Size 12 Font, Single Spaced. The statement of purpose is your opportunity to describe how you will make use of the Residency program in your growth artistically and professionally as a writer.
3. A professional resume detailing theatrical background as well as any other relevant work and educational experience.
It is highly recommended that materials be submitted in .doc or .pdf formats, though .rtf will be accepted. Please indicate APPLICATION FOR PDC @ PLAYS & PLAYERS RESIDENCY in the subject line.
Selected applicants will be invited to interview with a three-person panel including representatives from Plays & Players and PDC and an independent third party between August 29 - September 12. The panel will select and announce the residents by September 19, with the residency beginning on October 91.
Applicants must be members in good standing of the PDC with dues paid in full for the current year.
A small stipend will be offered to playwrights for this opportunity.

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Call for Submissions: PDC @ Iron Age Residency
by Kristen Scatton
posted: 2012-07-02 18:12:11

PDC is seeking submissions for its newest opportunity – a one-year residency at Iron Age Theatre in Norristown focusing on the collaborative development of a new work, culminating in a performance during Centre Theatre’s Independent Voices Festival.

Iron Age is seeking to create a piece that is historically-oriented, technically straightforward, and supports the theatre’s mission of developing work that is “focused on the human condition and social justice and created organically and collaboratively.”

During the residency, the writer will develop the piece through discussions, workshops and staged readings under the guidance of John Doyle, Co-Artistic Director of Iron Age, as well as other theatre artists. Key components of the PDC @ Iron Age Residency are a focus on a collaborative approach to play development; writers must be open to building trust and working with Iron Age’s creative team during the play’s development. Applicants will go through an interview process before a resident is selected to ensure the needs and visions of the playwright are consistent with that of Iron Age.

For more information on Iron Age Theatre, please visit http://www.ironagetheatre.org.  Questions about the residency can be directed to PDC @ Iron Age Residency coordinator Todd Holtsberry at todd.holtsberry@gmail.com.

Application Information & Requirements

Submission materials include a cover letter stating why the individual thinks he or she should be a part of the residency and a 10-page writing sample. Applicants must be PDC members in good standing for submissions to be considered. Submissions should be sent to todd.holtsberry@gmail.com with the subject line “PDC @ Iron Age Residency Submission.”

From the submissions, candidates will be selected and invited to interview with the residency panel, including John Doyle, Todd Holtsberry, and a third outside party, to help determine which candidate is the right fit for the residency, and provide an opportunity for candidates to ask questions about the program and Iron Age Theatre. Following interviews, one finalist will be chosen as the 2012-2013 resident.


Submissions are due Tuesday, July 24, 2012. Interviews will be conducted between August 20-31, with the resident selected and notified by September 17.  The residency will begin in early October, and will conclude in October 2013. The work created during the residency will be presented as part of the 2014 Independent Voices Festival.



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Two Residency Opportunities Available through PDC
by Kristen Scatton
posted: 2012-07-01 20:03:23

 The PDC Board of Directors is pleased to announce its newest opportunity offered exclusively to members, a one-year residency at Iron Age Theatre in Norristown focused on new play development, as well as the third year of its successful residency at Plays & Players Theater in Philadelphia.

 The PDC @ Iron Age Residency will give one playwright the opportunity to develop a new play in collaboration with Iron Age Theatre over a one-year period. The play should be historically oriented, technically straightforward, and support Iron Age Theatre’s mission of developing work that is “focused on the human condition and social justice and created organically and collaboratively.”

During the residency, the writer will develop the piece through discussions, workshops and staged readings under the guidance of John Doyle, Co-Artistic Director of Iron Age, with other collaborators. The work developed in the residency will be given a full production by Iron Age during Centre Theatre’s Independent Voices Festival, and may be further developed as a touring production.

Key components of the PDC @ Iron Age Residency are a focus on a collaborative approach to play development; writers must be open to building trust and working with Iron Age’s creative team during the play’s development. Applicants will go through an interview process before a resident is selected to ensure the needs and visions of the playwright are consistent with that of Iron Age.

For more information on Iron Age Theatre, please visit http://www.ironagetheatre.org.  Questions about the residency can be directed to Todd Holtsberry at todd.holtsberry@gmail.com.

 Meanwhile, the PDC @ Plays & Players Residency, which focuses on artistic development rather than the development of an individual work, will enter its third year. The aim of this program is developing three writers towards goals that they have articulated for themselves by providing a safe space for experimentation, support and guidance from artistic peers, feedback from play development professionals, and public performance opportunities.

Development activities in previous residencies included a puppet-making workshop with Robert Smythe, classes at the Philadelphia Circus School, a tour of Laurel Hill Cemetery, and a meeting with artist Isaiah Zeiger at the Magic Gardens studio. Residents also have access to Plays & Players Theater as a private workspace and public venue. A public showcase is held during the residency to demonstrate individual work created as part of the program and/or collaborative work created with other artists at Plays & Players.

Past participants in the PDC @ Plays & Players Residency include Joy Cutler, Quinn D. Eli, Greg Romero, Jeremy Gable, Brian Grace-Duff and Jeff Stanley. For more information about Plays & Players Theater, please visit http://www.playsandplayers.org/. Questions about this residency can be directed to literary@pdc1.org.

More information about application requirements and deadlines will be coming soon. Applicants must be PDC members in good standing to be considered for residency positions.

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Todd Holtsberry said on 2012-07-02:

Please email submissions to me at todd.holtsberry@gmail.com


Todd Holtsberry said on 2012-07-02:

Hello Everybody, I am very excited about these two residencies and hope you all are as well! I just wanted to add a note on submitting to the Iron Age Residency. I you think you would like to pursue it, please email the following to me(at todd.holtsberry@gmail.com): Playwrights would submit a cover letter stating why they think they should be part of the residency along with a 10 page sample of their writing. Please note that the deadline for submitting to this is 7/24/12. Thanks everybody...please email me with any other questions Todd Holtsberry



An Amazing Review!
by Ken Kaissar
posted: 2012-05-15 08:36:33

Dear PDC Friends and Colleagues: 

My play A MODEST SUGGESTION just opened in New York last week at Theatre Row on 42nd Street.  We received this amazing review from Martin Denton at NYTheatre.com.  


If New York is at all accessible to you, I would love it if you came up to see the show.  It runs Tuesday - Sunday now through May 27th.  We are at Theatre Row on 42nd Street between 9th and 10th. 

Shoot me an email at kenkaissar@yahoo.com if you can come.  I'd love to grab a drink with you either before or after. 

Be well and happy May!

Ken Kaissar

comment on this blog entry


Kristen said on 2012-05-18:

Congratulations, Ken! I won't be able to make it up to NYC before the run ends, but I hope the rest of it goes well!


Wally said on 2012-05-16:

I just saw this last night and enjoyed it a great deal! A fine piece of comic writing, with an edge.


Bill Hollenbach said on 2012-05-15:

Exciting to see such a positive review from a member i don't know. It gives us all something to point towards. Hope your next one is just as well received.



PDC Playwrights are "Discovering SagaCity" Tonight at the Shubin Theatre
by Kristen Scatton
posted: 2012-04-27 07:25:01

Come to the Shubin Theatre tonight at 8 pm for a wonderful evening of plays written by some of Philadelphia's most provocative women playwrights, presented as part of the Shubin April Fest 25th Anniversary Celebration and Fundraiser.. 

"Discovering SagaCity" Six Women Playwrights on the Trials and Truths of Being Female" features work by PDC members Diana Cavallo, Joy Cutler, Kate McGrath, Robin Rodriguez, and Debra Leigh Scott, and will be performed at The Shubin Theatre, 407 Bainbridge Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147. Directors are Malika Oyetimein, Denise Shubin and Debra Leigh Scott. The cast includes Marley Alig, Jean Brooks, Mlé Chester, Chris Davis, Patricia Mayer, LaNeshe Miller, and Denise Shubin. 

Tickets for "Discovering Sagacity" are $20 and can be purchased online at http://shubintheatre.ticketleap.com/shubin-april-fest-2012/dates/Apr-27-2012_at_0800PM. Students can use the code ShubeStude001 to get 50% off ticket price!


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Tomasz said on 2015-11-14:

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PDC Participating in 54th Annual May Fair - Volunteers Wanted!
by Kristen Scatton
posted: 2012-04-20 12:41:00

On Saturday, May 12, the Spruce Hill Community Association (SHCA) is holding their 54th Annual May Fair in Clark Park in West Philadelphia from 10 am to 4 pm. The SHCA has invited PDC to host a table at the event, where we can talk about and pass out information about PDC to the event's attendees. This is a wonderful opportunity to spread the word about PDC, and reach out to prospective members and supporters.

We are looking for volunteers who would be interested in donating an hour or two to man the table at the event. Your only job would be to pass out information and answer questions about the organization. Full disclosure - it is an outdoor event, and is held rain or shine. I know it's Mother's Day weekend, and also a Writer's Circle day, but if you can stop by for an hour or so, that would be great. (Of course, if you want to come for the whole day, that's great too!) I will be there for the earlier part of the day.

As you may know, PDC has recently begun holding readings at the SHCA location on 45th Street in West Philly. This "PDC Reading Series," which is run by Board member and current head of PDC Literary Quinn Eli, is designed to provide writers the opportunity to hear their full-length works-in-progress read aloud in their entirety by professional actors, and receive feedback from an audience. Only three readings have been held so far, but it's been a solid success, with writers saying how valuable the experience is. It's also the first step in a plan to provide members with more opportunities for both informal and formal staged readings. This wouldn't be possible without the SHCA offering their space to PDC at an extremely modest fee.

**Please note - PDC's participation in the 54th Annual May Fair is in no way a condition of or required by our agreement with the SHCA for the "PDC Reading Series." PDC was invited to participate in the event, and after a discussion, the Board decided to take advantage of the opportunity for membership recruitment and community outreach. Members are not required to volunteer for or attend this event. 

 If you are interested, please e-mail me at kmbs129@yahoo.com by Friday, May 11 at this address. Please indicate if there is a specific time you are available; ideally we can have a schedule to ensure our table is occupied at all times.

As always, your support of and dedication to PDC is appreciated. Thank you.

Kristen M. Scatton

President, PDC Board of Directors


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Shubin April Fest Kicks Off Thursday With "Woodcarver's Band" by Member Ed Shockley
by Kristen Scatton
posted: 2012-04-11 16:56:39

 Tickets are still available for "Woodcarver's Band," an epic performance poem by PDC founding member Ed Shockley, the opening event of Shubin April Fest 2012. This is a one-time performance at 7 pm on Thursday, April 12 at the Shubin Theatre, 407 Bainbridge St., Philadelphia, PA.

It is strongly recommended to purchase tickets in advance, as seating is limited. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased online at  http://is.gd/shubin_tix . 

Shubin April Fest 2012 is a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Shubin Theatre, as well as a fundraiser for upgrades and repairs to the space.  The festival, which features theater, dance, music, poetry, improv and more, as well as work by a number of PDC members, runs through Sunday, April 29.

For the complete show listing and ticket/donation information, visit http://www.facebook.com/events/107251592732537/.

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"Best of Philly's Primary Stages...Part Too!" this weekend!
by Kristen Scatton
posted: 2012-04-11 09:26:37

  Hello Everybody,
I just want to update you on the upcoming "The Best of Philly's Primary Stages...Part Too!", happening this Friday and Saturday (4/13 and 4/15) at The Shubin Theatre!
First of all, please come. For the first time ever, tickets are being pre-sold online. Since there are only 40 seats available per show, I would order them online to make sure you get a seat. 
Here is the link to click on to order your tickets:  http://is.gd/Shubin_T...ix

Here is a link to click on for our Facebook event for more info: https://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/events/255436124551441/
Here is a link for more info on other programming going on at the Shubin as part of her 25th anniversary fundraising efforts: 
I also want to give you all on our fundraising efforts prior to even putting up our show. 

As indicated in a solicitation letter we sent out last week to help cover the show's expenses, so that ALL of the ticket sales will go to the Shubin Theatre, we needed to raise about $425-$450. This covers two tech people, the band, food, and drink for all three shows. I should add that everybody is working at a much reduced rate, just enough to cover their gas and maybe parking. 
I have already received matching pledges of $200 from three of our members, with the stipulation that I raise at least $250 from other members. So far, we have received a total of $100 towards that matching grant/pledge. We are so close to making this happen and we can't do it without your help.
Please consider mailing a donation today, or tomorrow...you can still show your support for Philly's Primary Stages and The Shubin Theatre. We wouldn't have this series if it weren't for the PDC and The Shubin.
To make your donation, please read the original solicitation letter below. Thanks, in advance for your anticipated support!
We would like to offer thanks to the following donors: Kristen Scatton, Quinn D. Eli, Candace Gordon, Susan Cain McQuilken, and Anonymous.
Thanks everybody! If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 267-231-8394, or email me at toddzz@hotmail.com .
Todd Holtsberry
Founding Producer of Philly's Primary Stages

Hello PDCers,
I want to give you all on update on some really great things happening with Philly’s Primary Stages.
First of all, it is once again a full program of the PDC, as it once was, and I am very happy about. This is a slight change from what it has been over the last few years, co-sponsorship with Secret Room Theatre and The Shubin Theatre. However, even though it is a program of the PDC again, we will be continuing to work with Secret Room Theatre and The Shubin Theatre, as part of our mission statement to stimulate creative partnerships.
I know many of you always considered Philly’s Primary Stages to be exclusively a program of the PDC, even when it spent a couple of years as a co-sponsored program…this move back just confirms that belief.
Next up will be “The Best of Primary Stages…Part Too!”, which I am proud to say will be part of a collaboration of many to raise funds for the Shubin Theatre, in support of its 25th anniversary this year. This show will feature the plays of: Robin Rodriguez, Alex Dremann, Josh McIlvain, Greg Romero, Albert Them, Brittany Holdahl, and Krista Knight. This Best of show will be fully produced and will NOT be a script-in-hand reading. Other than that, everything will be the same…great plays, acting, directing, food, libations, and our house band Hot Breakfast. This show will have three performances – 7:00 AND a 10:00pm shows on 4/13 and a 7:00pm show on 4/15. Look for more info soon, including how to purchase tickets in advance! Yes, this show will be different in that there will be advanced ticket sales.
In these tough economic times, even a shoe-string budget like Philly’s Primary Stages can be impacted, and that’s one of the reasons I am reaching out to you today. In the past we were lucky to have an anonymous donor help supply the majority of the food and beverages for our readings. Unfortunately this donor has recently informed me that continued donations are no longer possible. Those donations made it possible for the series to pay for itself when combined with the cash donations received at the door. This show will also not have the benefit of covering its costs, through those donations at the door, as tickets will be sold online, in advance of the show. This is being handled by the producers of the overall programming and those funds will go directly to the Shubin Theatre.

Since Denise Shubin, as the owner and proprietor of the Shubin Theatre, has done so much for Philly’s Primary Stages, I want to do everything I can to make sure that we raise as much funds as possible to help cover improvements that Denise is considering. I have asked my tech people and band to work at a reduced rate (they are the only ones currently receiving compensation) and, as always, I will not be receiving any compensation for my efforts. 
To put things into full perspective, Philly’s Primary Stages uses the Shubin Theatre for three nights, about three times a year. This has been the case for about eight years, without paying one penny of rent…Denise has donated it all! Denise normally rents the theater for $100 a day, or $500 per week. By my calculations, this amounts to about $7,200 in donated space over all of these years.
In terms of the benefits to the PDC and its members, this series has allowed for approximately 300 new 10 minute plays to have been developed, with a majority of them by PDC members. Additionally, it has acted as a recruiting tool when non PDC members work has been developed and they later become member playwrights. Lastly, it helps keep the PDC in a high profile in the Philadelphia theatre community. In short, this is a program that has proven valuable to our members and organization.
Additionally, Denise has indicated to me that she wants nothing more from the PDC, and it’s members, than for us to show up for the fundraising programming that will be happening at the Shubin Theatre in April. In my mind, her asking for nothing makes me want to raise even more money for her theater!
Put Denise's generosity and the benefits to the PDC and its playwrights and hopefully you will see why we, as a community, should support the Shubin Theatre on their 25th anniversary!
This is why I want to raise funds for the Shubin Theatre in addition to covering the expenses of Philly's Primary Stages…but I need your help…please.
My anticipated expenses for this show will be about $425-$450. This includes tech people, the band, food, and beverages.
What I would like to do is raise funds, before the show, that would at least cover our expenses. If we receive more, that would just be more funds that would go to the fundraising efforts of the Shubin, as a donation from the PDC and its members.
I have already received matching pledges of $200 from three of our members, with the stipulation that I raise at least $250 from other members.
Won’t you please consider a generous donation to this effort? It can be ANY amount; EVERY donation will be gratefully appreciated.
To make your donation, please do the following:
1) Send a check, or money order, made payable to the PDC, to Philadelphia Dramatists Center, PO Box 22666, Philadelphia, PA 19110-2666.
2) Include a short note, or use the memo line, indicating that this is earmarked for “The Best of Philly’s Primary Stages…Part Too!”
3) Please mail your donation no later than 4/2/12.
Remember, all donations to the PDC are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law…you will also be doing a great thing for our friend Denise Shubin, the Shubin Theatre, and playwrights who have found the Shubin Theatre to be a great venue for their work.
Thanks, in advance, for your anticipated support of Philly’s Primary Stages and the Shubin Theatre, in its 25th anniversary year.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at toddzz@hotmail.com, or by phone at 267-231-8394.
Todd Holtsberry
Founding Producer of Philly’s Primary Stages and PDC Board Vice-President
With full support of the PDC Board 

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Todd Holtsberry said on 2012-04-11:



Todd Holtsberry said on 2012-04-11:

Hello Everyone, Thanks to Krissy for posting this. Pat McGeever pointed out the link for tickets needed to be fixed. The correct link is: http://is.gd/Shubin_Tix Hope to see you all there. Speaking of Pat, thanks to him for his pledge he made today! Todd Holtsberry



by Bill Rolleri
posted: 2012-03-08 17:17:56


Dear Everyone,
I’m working with a couple of other folks doing publicity grunt work to help promote public interest and attendance for the Shubin Theatre 25th Anniversary Festival that is currently in preparation to run April 12th through April 22nd.
No need to tell you how helpful and generous Denise and husband Don have been to the theatre community of Philly, especially to members of the PDC who have performed at the Shubin, produced or directed there.
Now we need your help. Bended knee kinda.
First and foremost, we would love for you to attend as many of the featured shows as possible. The aim is to mount as many different performance presentations as possible in the time period noted, featuring the work of a million or so (give or take) Philadelphia region actors, directors, singers, dancers, playwrights, poets and hand-clappers engaging in a wide variety of entertainment vehicles, some of them legal, moral and ethical.
Second (but not secondarily) we need any help you can offer to reach out to the entertainment media. We’ll be sending out releases to the primary outlets (print, radio, TV), but it would be immensely helpful if any of you have direct contact with members of the press that you would be willing to share (one time only) to help get exposure on a budget of virtually zero. Could be anyone, a friend, a lover, a spouse, a Mom or Dad or kid brother, even an in-law, anyone who may work at a newspaper or station or just knows someone who does. If you can help out with this aspect of the promotion game plan, please contact me at 302-326-1482 or wrolleri@comcast.net.
Did I already say bended knee?
Bill Rolleri

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Joan Segal said on 2012-03-11:

Would like to attend and help, but I'm not driving too much these days. Will do what I can if there's transportation. Joan



PDC LITERARY Looking for Actors for Upcoming Readings
by Kristen Scatton
posted: 2012-03-08 08:24:00

 PDC Literary, which helps members organize table readings, workshops and staged readings of works-in-progress and finished scripts, is looking for actors to lend their talents to upcoming readings. While these are not paid jobs, the time committment is very minimal; the main purpose of these readings is for writers to hear their work out loud, and get feedback.

Actors, or writers with acting experience, who are interested in being contacted to participate in readings should e-mail literary@pdc1.org. Interested parties are invited to send a headshot and resume, although it is not required.

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PDC Board Report - February 2012
by Kristen Scatton
posted: 2012-02-19 14:41:36

 Hello again, PDC members! Time once again to check in with everyone to let you know what the Board is working on, and new and exciting endeavors our members are participating in.

The Board is continuing to research various venues throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding area to find a location for the organization to call home. At an informal meeting with several members on Saturday, February 18 following Writers Circle, the consensus was that PDC needs space for three main purposes - to hold staged readings of completed works with an audience, to conduct table readings/workshops of plays-in-progress, and to have a central office where administrative functions can be handled.

Several options are currently under consideration, including the Community Education Center in West Philadelphia, Summit Presbyterian Church in Mount Airy, Musehouse in Chestnut Hill, and the Painted Bride Art Center, Moonstone Arts Center, and Arts in Sacred Spaces locations in Center City. However, there are many factors to consider when looking at these spaces, including location, parking, accessibility, cost and if the space meets all of PDC's needs, or only some of them.

The Board remains committed to finding an arrangement that will accommodate the three purposes listed above, whether it is in one location or different locations. Members should stay tuned for more updates, and are welcome at any time to ask questions about the process. Furthermore, if any member has suggestions about potential locations or arrangements, the Board is open to hearing them.

The Executive Director Search Committee conducted a second round of interviews with candidates in mid-January. and remains in contact with candidates to find an arrangement that suits both the organization's and the individual's needs, with the hope that a new Executive Director will be selected shortly. 

PDC members have been beating the winter blues by keeping busy - Bill  Hollenbach and Donald Drake recently held staged readings at L2 and the Painted Bride Art Center, respectively, and "Branch" by Walt Vail continues its successful run at the Society Hill Playhouse through February 26. In late January, several PDC members participated in "Next Stop": A MERGE Event at the Annenberg Center, including Quinn Eli, Kristen Scatton, Chris Braak, Jacqueline Goldfinger and David Stratten White. The 24-hour playwriting event was organized by Brian Grace-Duff, one of the current PDC@Plays & Players Playwrights-in-Residence. Fellow resident Jeff Stanley will have a reading of his play "Fishing with Tony and Joe" at Plays & Players' Skinner Studio on Tuesday, February 28 at 4 pm, while resident Jeremy Gable just wrapped up a successful run of "Bachelorette" with Luna Theatre Company at the Skybox at the Adrienne. 

Coming up this week, Philly's Primary Stages, a staged reading series co-sponsored  by PDC, is back with "Heart Attacks!" the anti-Valentine's Day show for all those bitter hearts out there. Performances are Tuesday, February 21 and Wednesday, February 22 at 7:30 pm at the Shubin Theatre, and as always, PDC is well-represented, with several members listed in the credits as writers and directors. This installment of Philly's Primary Stages was subsidized by a generous anonymous donation, to whom producer Todd Holtsberry would like to express his gratitude. Lifetime member Kate McGrath also recently made a generous donation to PDC, and we thank her for that as well.

Donations made to PDC are tax-deductible, as we are a 501(c)3 non-profit, and can be earmarked for a specific program, such as Philly's Primary Stages, rent for the CEC for Writer's Circle, the PDC @ Plays & Players Residence, or can be made to the organization in general. As we continue to expand our offerings, every little bit helps, and is greatly appreciated!

Until next time, best of luck with your projects and endeavors!

Kristen M. Scatton

President, PDC Board

Questions? Comments? Contact me at kmbs129@yahoo.com

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"Bachelorette" Industry Night February 12th at 6:30 p.m.
by Jeremy Gable
posted: 2012-02-06 13:27:57

JUST ANNOUNCED: Industry Night for Leslye Headland's "Bachelorette" at Luna Theater is Sunday, Feb 12th at 6:30 p.m. at the Skybox in the Adrienne.  Online and walk-up tickets for industry folk are only $13 (includes fees).  For tickets, reviews and to view the trailer, go to www.Lunatheater.org  Join the party!!!

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"Microcrisis" at InterAct
by Pat McGeever
posted: 2012-02-06 13:18:54

 I highly recommend PDC members try to see "Microcrisis" at the Interact, now in its last week.  Mike Lew's play brilliantly but entertainingly dissects how the great economic collapse of '08 came about, and Seth Rozin and Interact do a stellar job of staging it.  At the talk-back yesterday, Seth commented that this play has brought more viewers to talk-backs than ever, and for longer periods (ours, with PDC's Tom Tirney, lasted an hour).  That's because the play is highly topical and highly stimulating.  

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Liam Castellan said on 2012-02-06:

I agree with Pat, though I'm biased. I had the privilege of being the assistant director on the production, and it's an extremely funny play. A great example of making an "issue play" entertaining, and a razor-sharp satire with a talented cast. Less than 90 minutes, too.



Submission Fees
by Pat McGeever
posted: 2012-01-18 06:27:15

 The latest newsletter from the Dramatists Guild, edited by Roland Tec, features a diatribe against festivals, theaters, etc., that charge submission fees.  The official position of DG is that it opposes them as an unwarranted and unfair burden on playwrights, many of whom are very low-income.  The DG RESOURCE DIRECTORY, and the newsletters nevertheless list submission opportunities that charge such fees.  Their policy is to leave it to the playwright whether or not to enter and pay the fee.  But Tec would like to see more playwrights writing to theaters to say, "I'd love to enter your contest, but I decline because of your fee."

On the Opportunity Calendar of PDC, which I edit, the same policy prevails.  You will find submission opportunities for which no fee is charged, and others for which one is.  You decide.  (Personally I have submitted to both kinds.)

Of those theaters, etc. that charge fees, some explain how the fee money is used, and some don't.  If you are thinking of submitting but find no explanation for the fee, you might write to the person in charge and request an explanation, and that the explanation be included in the next announcement.  If a lot of writers do that, it might put pressure on such theaters to at least explain themselves.  I noted recently one festival that charged a $20 fee to enter a 10-minute play.  Sounds unreasonable to me.

I recently wrote to the Telluride Festival in Colorado to protest what I find a particularly odious wrinkle in their submissions policy.  I said it was bad enough that they have a submission fee at all, but much worse that they required the fee to be paid through Pay Pal.  Pay Pal is one of those institutions that have been trying to put WikiLeaks, producer of the "Collateral Murder" video, out of business by refusing to forward contributions people make to it.  I suggest that those who value freedom of expression not do business with Pay Pal.  Yet the Tulluride Festival, with some enlightened folks on its board, continue to do this.

What do you think?

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Pat McGeever said on 2012-01-19:

Good comments all around, thanks. Here's a tip on mailing scripts less expensively that a helpful USPS worker gave me recently. If the contents of your envelope are all paper (maybe paper clips, etc.), ask the counter person to mail it "media mail." It's way less expensive, although slower. Often what counts is when it's postmarked rather than when it arrives, in which case you're OK with media mail.


donald drake said on 2012-01-18:

An important question that must be answered before deciding whether to accept submission fees or not is this. Would we have less reading or production opportunities if submission fees were eliminated. My concern is that many theaters, hanging by a thread, would eliminate the festivals or competitions and sharply reduce our opportunities. I've gotten many more productions and readings from theaters that charged fees than those who don't. And I have made slightly more money from winning competitions than I spent in submission fees, which I consider a business expense like postage and copying.


Ken Kaissar said on 2012-01-18:

I think it would be worth us all banding together if only to target the O'Neill. They charge a really steep fee ($35 I believe, geez!). I pay it because it's the O'Neill. It's an important conference, and I can't afford to not to give myself that opportunity. But I'm not gonna lie to you, it hurts every year I submit. You would think that one of the most prestigious opportunities for writers in the country would be more sympathetic to the plight of the artist. But no. They could learn a thing or two from PlayPenn.


Henrik Eger said on 2012-01-18:

Excellent, Pat, and a very fair presentation of the various aspects of this issue. I have heard several people at theatre conferences who told me that one of the reasons for charging playwrights a fee for the "privilege" was to keep kids and students from overloading a theatre's submission desk with non-serious work. Frankly, as a reader (dramaturg, artistic director, script committee member, etc.) I much rather plow through an extra set of scripts than miss out on a good one that could strengthen my theatre. Once more many thanks for a fine article and vielen Dank for all your good work.



PDC Board Report
by Kristen Scatton
posted: 2012-01-08 15:15:20

 Greetings PDCers, and Happy New Year!

Welcome to the PDC Board Report, the first in a regular series of blog posts that will keep members updated on what projects and plans the Board is currently working on.

It remains a priority of the Board to find a permanent place for PDC to call home, a multipurpose space that can be used as an office as well a place to hold readings, rehearsals, meetings and other events. The Board has been researching several possibilities within Philadelphia and the surrounding area, including the Community Education Center (CEC) and Summit Presbyterian Church in Mount Airy. Once enough information has been gathered, a general membership meeting will be called and all options presented to members before a final decision is made. 

The search for the new Executive Director continues, with three candidates being brought back for a second round of interviews on January 7. While Wally Zialcita left some big shoes to fill, we look forward to naming his successor in the coming weeks!

The next Philly's Primary Stages, "Heart Attacks!" will be held February 21 and 22, 2012, at the Shubin Theater. A great showcase for PDC members, whether they are writing, directing or acting, Primary Stages is still accepting submissions for "Heart Attacks!" Full submission guidelines are available in the PDC Weekly Announcements, but hurry! There's only one week left to submit your tale of love gone wrong.

The writers of the PDC @ Plays & Players Residency, Jeremy Gable, Brian Grace-Duff and Jeff Stanley, all report that the residency is going well. The residency, in its second year and under the direction of Daniel Student, focuses on artist development, and gives the residents a chance to learn, explore and meet with other artists and creative thinkers from around the city. Events will be held throughout the residency; keep a lookout in the PDC Weekly Newsletter and Plays & Players web site for announcements about upcoming events.

Finally, the Board is in the early stages of planning a fundraising event to be held this spring. As PDC looks to expand and find a home, fundraising will take on a greater significance for the organization. The Board looks forward to announcing details about this event in the near future.

That's about all for now. The next PDC Board meeting is scheduled for January 21, so check back for a new Board Report following the meeting!

Kristen Scatton

President, PDC Board

Questions? Comments? E-mail me at kmbs129@yahoo.com


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Philly's Primary Stages needs directors now!
by Todd Holtsberry
posted: 2011-11-07 06:09:16


Philly's Primary Stages, the premier staged reading series of 10 minute plays, needs you to DIRECT for our upcoming readings entitled "Family Matters!" 

 This is a script-in-hand series that is entering it's 8th year of blurring the lines between a night of plays being read script-in-hand, and a fully produced night of theater. We rehearse a few times to find the moments that make the plays work. We also use simple lights, sounds, sets (think theater cubes and chairs), props and costumes.

 All this is done in the intimate setting of the Shubin Theatre, in South Philly!

 Since the number one goal of the program is to help writers develop their plays, and in their craft, you will work in collaboration with a writer, actors and the audience.

 Our upcoming readings will happen over two nights, Tuesday and Wednesday, 11/22 or 11/23, with two different sets of plays being performed...i.e. the play you direct, will be read on ONE of those nights. You would also be expected to come to a very short tech on Monday, 11/21.

 This is a non-paid gig but you will be rewarded with a VERY satisfying experience in a VERY cool program that makes staged readings rock so hard we even make it a party with beer, wine, soda, bottled water, chips, dips, vienna sausages, and puddin' packs being served. We even throw in a pre-show set, and live outro music, from our house band, Hot Breakfast!

 In short, this is a great series in which many directors have developed in their craft over the years. Shouldn't you be one of them?

 If interested, please forward your resume and contact info to Todd Holtsberry, Producer, at toddzz@hotmail.com , or call him at 267-231-8394.

 Philly's Primary Stages is Co-Sponsored by the PDC, Secret Room Theatre, and the Shubin Theatre.

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Vote for Wolf!
by Walter Vail
posted: 2011-10-08 21:13:20

With the rent for space at The Wolf Building down from  $800 to $250 per month (Amazing! How?) I am urging those WC attendees who voted against locating there to change their vote to YES.  We have had a great tenure at CEC, but the  future of PDC must take priority.  PDC must be allowed to grow for the sake of our younger members and future member playwrights in Philly.  We need our organization to represent all of us in the Philly Theatre Community if we are to be recognized as serious writers. 

Yes, each playwright is always on his/her own in terms of acquiring skill in the craft--each playwright competes with all others, including thousands of dead playwrights when it comes to finding a theatre and a production--but in unity we gain stature, in unity we learn, in unity we teach each other.  Some playwrights love collaboration, some love to go it alone--all of us need an organization.

I am in the 84th year of my life and am an active playwright.  My plays are being produced, and I continue to write new plays each day, each month, each year.  I hope you all will be as fortunate as I have been in playwriting.  I love to write plays, and I've worked with young playwrights for many, many years.  I look to the future for all of our talented writers, young and older.  The only difference among us is that some like myself have lived through decades of history.  I saw Laurette Taylor play Amanda in the original production of THE GLASS MENAGERIE.  I bought the first printed edition of WAITING FOR GODOT.  I was two years old when the market crashed in 1929, and I starved my way through the Great Depression of the thirties.  I learned most of what I know about playwriting from Arthur Miller's work.  And from Ibsen, O'Neill, Williams, and others.  I acted and sang the role of Mr. Peachum in THREEPENNY OPERA at Society Hill Playhouse in the play's first Philly production.  Etc., etc., etc.

I look to the future of PDC, the growth of PDC--we should vote to make the move to The Wolf Building and hold Writers Circle there and do more of the things we all want to do: table readings, staged readings, talkbacks that help all of us with our work.  Not productions--theatres do productions--playwrights organizations support the growth of playwrights and plays. 

Walt Vail

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Don Drake said on 2011-10-09:

Once again I have to agree with Walt. If we pass up this opportunity, we might not get another one. For years we have been talking about finding a home and nothing has come from the talk until now. I don’t know if the PDC could afford to make the move if it had to pay for both Wolf and CEC, if we didn’t move Circle. So Circle’s decision on what to do could have far reaching consequences. I think many of the concerns voiced at the last Circle meeting are worrisome, but not enough for us to pass up this opportunity. It’s quite possible that Wolf will become an important performing arts center and if it does it would be a shame not to be part of it. If it doesn’t work out, we can always go back to CEC.


Bill Hollenbach said on 2011-10-09:

This is a great description of what the role of PDC should be in all of our creative lives. We work hard. We have ambitions. Sometimes we get productions, but always we create our work alone. But as all attendees at the Writers Circle know, it is from the collective input of other artists that our work and our creative selves grow. As Walt points out we all have had various degrees of success. We are all of different ages, but we all strive for the same common goal: the creation of theatre pieces that reflect our vision that will come to life for others. A home in the Wolf Building will offer us a chance for greater exposure for our work in its developmental stages. We will have a home for others to hear our work -- at the Writers Circle, at Writers Table, in full readings. Now we usually get the productive feedback of our fellow playwrights in PDC and our friends. With a move to the Wolf we will gain a visibility that may bring in other theatre artists in the city. New voices with new eyes and ears. With luck we may all grow to achieve at least a small amount of the success Walt has seen.



What You Need to Know About Why It’s Important to Attend the Annual PDC General Meeting October 15
by Kristen Scatton
posted: 2011-10-08 12:45:52

 What You Need to Know About Why It’s Important to Attend the Annual PDC General Meeting October 15

Board Urges Membership: YOU Decide on Proposal

to make PDC Home Base at Wolf Underground Arts.


The 2011 General Membership Meeting is coming up Saturday, October 15th.  It will be held at 4 p.m. at the Wolf Underground Arts Building, 1200 Callowhill Street. And should there be a rumor afloat that there will be a special presentation and open discussion about a pending project that can have a pivotal and strategic impact on the PDC, the Board of Directors now hastens to put that rumor to rest…

By acknowledging it’s true.

“This is one General Meeting nobody wants to miss,” says PDC Board Vice-Chair Todd Holtsberry.

The proposal: Make the Wolf facility the new PDC home base.

“It’s a biggie,” says PDC Board Vice Chair Todd Holtsberry. “The potential for creating an operational home base is huge. And with a track record for successful operation at an established base, we’ll be in prime position to apply for grants that can open up a whole new vista of opportunity for PDC members. Grants equate with a broader range of programs to help theatre artists develop their skills and advance their careers.

“This event, if the move is made, means that our organization is on the verge of going to the next level. And along with the new opportunities comes new responsibilities for all of us.”

An initial proposal for the move called for a rent charge of $800 a month. As a kind of “focus-group” effort to test the waters, the Writers Circle was invited by the Board to hold a session at the facility, tour the building and check out the neighborhood.

The proposal got mixed reviews. The vote among WC was close, but the decision was to continue WC sessions at the CEC. A Q&A (shown below) provides some insight into the reasons WC members – even though potential benefits to PDC and its members generally were acknowledged and appreciated – felt that the financial challenge was an issue.

Board members, based on points of critique and comments offered by WC members, reassessed the proposal. Board member Bob Wuss, who is CEO of his own theatre-based company – and who personally invested months of research and negotiation with Wolf Management – reshaped the proposal and announced the specifics to fellow board members at a planning committee meeting on October 6. His new proposal effectively reduces the PDC rent costs to $250 a month.

“This is a dramatic development that brings the new venture into the realm of reality from a fiscal viewpoint,” says Board Secretary Kristen Scatton. “However, it is still a major innovation, and even though the PDC Board has the authority to make this commitment, we feel the ultimate decision belongs to members at large.”

Thus, at the General Meeting, members will receive presentations covering the full range of contract specifics, and they will be asked to participate in a secret ballot straw poll to indicate their level of enthusiasm and support for the project.  

“Board members recognize that there has been, in recent years, some distance between PDC members and members of its board of directors,” says Vice-Chair Todd Holtsberry.

“We want members to know that we consider it a major priority to close that distance, and to make it clear we see ourselves as servants of their interests. As the organization grew in recent years, it became increasingly difficult to keep that close relationship. But we now recognize this is among the highest of priorities.”

 “This is perhaps the most promising venture that has come down the pike for the PDC since I’ve been a member,” reports member Wally Zialcita who nears the end of his seven years’ service as Executive Director.  “It’s going to call for a concerted effort by more than board membership and the dedication of just a few people like Bob Wuss.”

It was Bob who for months locked in on research and negotiation efforts with Wolf Building co-owner Gary Ruben in the effort to forge contract specifics. “Right now,” he says, “We can define the nature of the challenge in terms of tactics, chores and logistics. But we just can’t put a limit on potential benefits to individual member playwrights, directors, actors and techies who want to operate on a bigger stage in Philadelphia’s theatrical culture.”

“We also need to make it very clear that the ultimate success of this project going forward will depend on the ability and willingness of members to step forward and volunteer to serve on the board and in staff positions that will be reporting to the new Executive Director.”

            Ballots will be counted in the presence of the membership and results will be announced on the spot. Election of new board members will then take place as part of the normal procures of the annual General Meeting.

            Below are questions submitted to the board by WC member following their visit to the Wolf facility. Members are encouraged to submit additional questions and comments via the blog spot that will be answered there; thus, the Q&A shown below will grow between now and the October 15th General Meeting.


FINAL NOTE FROM THE BOARD: Please plan to attend this very important General Meeting.  For too long, the PDC Board has been toting the load of too few people making decisions and implementing innovations for growth without the involvement of the membership at large. That is not the ideal operating culture for a community of theatre artists; too many career-oriented opportunities become available to organization leaders that for practical reasons (our thin ranks perhaps the most significant constraint) do not always transfer to the membership, to the individual member who may indeed hone his/her craft in various programs but who leaves the destiny of the PDC in the hands of others. We believe this is the moment for the membership to take hold of its own collective destiny. The Board needs your leadership. So do you.


Below are some of the questions received from the Writers Circle, following their visit to the Wolf facility, regarding the initial proposal; questions that are not relevant to the new proposal have been adjusted or dropped:


Q: I have concerns about the status of our relations with the CEC –- no matter how we resolve the relocation issue. I am concerned that the CEC learn of our plans for departure directly from us in a considerate and respectful way in keeping with our past, and possibly future, relations. That includes not having CEC feel they are the last to know, that, if we relocate, we continue a comradely, supportive relation with CEC, that we leave the door open for return if relocation to the Wolf Building does not work as hoped…that we not burn any bridges…that money be left in reserve beyond the November Wolf Building relocation, so we are not left homeless….You get my drift….

 A: Following the Writers Circle vote on Oct. 1, WC and Board member Pat McGeever discussed with Terri Shockley the opportunity for WC to move to the Wolf Building, letting her know that WC has voted to remain at the CEC for the present time. This was done in a spirit of openness with the goal of maintaining a positive relationship with Terri and the CEC, regardless of whether WC remains at the CEC, or chooses in the future to relocate.  

Q: I am concerned that the Wolf Building presents practical problems for general use, and particularly for use by the disabled. The building itself seems to be a large, complex maze hard to navigate on one’s own. How will this be addressed for general entry? Will there be a guide/information desk available to the public at all times? Certainly this would be necessary when we invite the public for rehearsals and performance…..

 A: Regarding the disabled, there is a lift at the entrance foyer that obviates the need for using any staircase (all other levels of the buidling are avaiable via the elevators). Navigating the hallways does seem a bit confusing right now, but we should be able to place direction signs in hallways once actual operations get underway. And we are confident members will be available to help at the entrance and to provide direction when members of the public attend events.

 Q: Re the handicap-disability issue: The lift to raise one person/one vehicle to the elevator level, in place at present, did not work well at the demonstration session and raises practical problems as a permanent solution. Some people need entry/discharge assistance, so that the one-person limitation may not be sufficient. An on-duty guard to assist may be an alternative to extra room in the lift for a care-taker, or a buzzer call at the entrance, though not ideal, is another possibility. Entry modification with a ramp, or some other more accessible means of entry to the elevators may be necessary.

 A: Undoubtedly, until procedures get set and the dust settles, there will be glitches and inconveniences that can be accommodated on the spot as we did on the occasion of the WC visit. And this issue will be forwarded to Gary Ruben, co-owner of the Wolf Building to see if he has some thoughts on possible improvements.

Q: Will due consideration be given to the fact that the prospective PDC space, in its present incarnation, seems very confined and claustrophobic? It did not feel very inviting, so any entrance and lighting features and the configuration of the office component will be very important in making the space more welcoming and even usable for the multiple purposes we contemplate. While it gives PDC a home base, a potentially permanent “space of its own,” does the available space fulfill our physical needs for good rehearsal/performance/meeting/office space?

A: Since the space is not completely set up at this time (when WC members visited), or cleared of construction debris, it is admittedly uninviting to the eye. Improvements are underway at the moment. The absence of windows cannot be remedied unless the PDC moves to a different space that would come at a higher cost. However, we feel the rehearsal space, without visual access to the outside, provides a kind of privacy that is beneficial to the rehearsal process, so we don't see that as a disadvantage. Folks working in the office area may feel a bit closed in, but they will hopefully adjust to that..

Q: I am concerned about availability issues. For example, at the time of our tour of the premises, an important component of the tour – the large performance space/auditorium -- was in use, and we were unable to see it. Will this kind of overlap be a problem?

A: Scheduling at the time of the WC visit was problematic. Keep in mind that construction and clean-up were, and are, still underway, and nobody stepped into a bucket of paint. But if the majority of members support the proposal, we will, over time, get better at arranging schedules to avoid closed doors and hallway collisions. Keep in mind also, that we very much WANT this to be a communal effort and process so that suggestions for improvement and innovation will be appreciated from all members.

Q: We do not currently have sufficient funding from dues to continue all of the existing programs and also cover the rent charges. Does this mean we must raise dues? If so, by how much?

A: The board has discussed the possibility of asking PDC members to be approving of some hike in the dues, which have not changed since the founding of the organization, and still amount to less than one dollar a week. But you can be assured that no dues hike, if one is necessary, will be more than some modest amount. And even if they go up to as much as $65/year that would still be only $1.25 a week. Alternatively, we should be discussing the possibility of a series of fund-raising events during the course of the year that are mounted by members collectively.

Q: I suppose it all boils down to: are we biting off more than we can chew?

A: The question, a good one, was more relevant to the initial proposal that called for $800 a month for rent; $250 a month is much more manageable. But there remains the necessity get PDC membership more actively involved in the organization itself by filling the open seats on the Board of Directors, playing leadership roles and contributing time and energy to operations. This is why it is so essential for maximum attendance of members at the General Meeting of October 15!


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PDC Annual Membership Meeting October 15, 2011
by Kristen Scatton
posted: 2011-10-03 11:46:13

 MARK YOUR CALENDARS: The annual general membership meeting of the PDC will be held on Saturday, October 15 at 4 pm at the Underground Arts at the Wolf Building, 340 N. 12th Street (12th and Callowhill streets). 

Elections for new Board members will be held at this meeting. Also, the proposal for the PDC to rent space in the Wolf Building for an office/rehearsal room will be discussed, and a straw poll taken to gauge membership support for the project. We will also be recognizing outgoing Executive Director Wally Zialcita for his hard work, service and dedication to PDC. Following the meeting, there will be a reception for mingling and refreshments.

There are several open seats on the Board; anyone who is interested in running is asked to submit a brief (1-2 paragraph) statement of intent outlining your reasons for running for the Board, any goals you would have as a Board member, and what strengths you would bring to the Board, to Board Secretary Kristen Scatton at kmbs129@yahoo.com no later than Thursday, October 6. 

The Wolf Building is located on the corner of 12th and Callowhill streets. There is a lot across the street with free parking on weekends; metered street parking is also available. Members taking public transportation can take the Broad Street subway line to the Race-Vine Station and 1 1/2 blocks north on Broad and 2 blocks east on Callowhill, or take the Market-Frankford line to 13th Street, and walk 5 blocks north on 13th Street, and 1 block east on Callowhill. The 23 and 61 buses also make stops within walking distance. For more information, visit www.septa.org.

Hope to see you there!

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DEADLINE EXTENDED - PDC Seeking New Executive Director
by Kristen Scatton
posted: 2011-10-02 14:22:54

 Following seven years of dedicated service, PDC Executive Director Wally Zialcita has chosen to step down from the position. Therefore, the PDC Board is currently in the process of searching for and selecting a new Executive Director, and would like to extend the opportunity to all PDC members to submit themselves for consideration for this role. The Executive Director is a key member of the organization, and plays a large role in the development and fulfillment of PDC’s mission.

More information about the Executive Director position is included below. Interested parties are asked to submit a resume, including all work/volunteer/non-profit experience, and a brief statement of intent, an an e-mail attachment (Word doc or PDF) to Search Committee chair Todd Holtsberry at toddzz@hotmail.com by October 22, 2011. Applicants may also be considered for support staff roles.
Anyone with questions can contact Search Committee members Todd Holtsberry (toddzz@hotmail.com), Wally Zialcita ( dextly3@yahoo.com) or Kristen Scatton (kmbs129@yahoo.com).
Reports to the PDC Board
Since the ED has executive responsibility for all of the areas of organizational management described below, her/his general role is one of supervision over staff members who have hands-on responsibility for these areas. As priorities and/or strategies change (based on the judgment of the Board and communicated by the Board Chair), the ED will decide where his/her hands-on time and energies need to be invested in order to best achieve organizational goals. The ED will have a direct role in deciding how to delineate responsibilities and selecting the support staff she/he will be working with.
PROGRAM/LITERARY MANAGEMENT: Refers to oversight and coordination of PDC programming, including programs currently in existence (Anonymous Theatre, PDC Literary, Theatre Tours, Bake-Off, Writers Circle) and creation of new programs to benefit members and the development of their craft and plays.  
COMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENT: Handles all internal and external PDC communications, as well as marketing responsibilities for the organization and its programs. 
DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT: Addresses PDC fund-raising needs, including researching and applying for grants and sponsorships, and planning fundraising events for the organization.  
OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: Focuses on the daily administrative tasks related to the proposed PDC space and logistics within the Wolf Building, including marketing and administration of rehearsal rental space; maintenance of a calendar of PDC activities in the facility; execution of all relevant business communications and general office management.

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Interested in Applying for PDC Board of Directors?
by Kristen Scatton
posted: 2011-10-02 14:14:46

 It's that time of year again - PDC is seeking candidates to run for its Board of Directors.

This is an exciting time for the PDC, with several new projects in development, including a potential home base for the organization, and the Board of Directors is looking for active, dedicated members ready to volunteer their time and talents to helping PDC thrive in its mission of supporting playwrights and collaborating artists in the development of new work.
To be considered a candidate for the Board, please submit a brief (1-2 paragraph) statement of intent outlining your reasons for running for the Board, any goals you would have as a Board member, and what strengths you would bring to the Board, to Board Secretary Kristen Scatton at kmbs129@yahoo.com no later than Thursday, October 6. The statement can be sent in the body of the e-mail or in a Word.doc attachment. 
This statement will be distributed to the membership prior to voting at the Annual Meeting on Saturday, October 15, as well as posted on the PDC web site for members to review prior to the meeting. 
Voting for the new Board members will take place by secret ballot at the Annual Meeting; members who cannot attend the Annual Meeting will be able to vote electronically on the PDC web site. The new Board will be announced following the Annual Meeting.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Kristen at kmbs129@yahoo.com. Thank you!

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PDC Seeking Candidates for New Executive Director
by Kristen Scatton
posted: 2011-09-12 12:43:09

Following seven years of dedicated service, PDC Executive Director Wally Zialcita has chosen to step down from the position. Therefore, the PDC Board is currently in the process of searching for and selecting a new Executive Director, and would like to extend the opportunity to all PDC members to submit themselves for consideration for this role. The Executive Director is a key member of the organization, and plays a large role in the development and fulfillment of PDC’s mission.

More information about the Executive Director position is included below. Interested parties are asked to submit a resume, including all work/volunteer/non-profit experience, and a brief statement of intent, an an e-mail attachment (Word doc or PDF) to Search Committee chair Todd Holtsberry at toddzz@hotmail.com by September 25. Applicants may also be considered for support staff roles.
Anyone with questions can contact Search Committee members Todd Holtsberry (toddzz@hotmail.com), Wally Zialcita ( dextly3@yahoo.com) or Kristen Scatton (kmbs129@yahoo.com).
Reports to the PDC Board
Since the ED has executive responsibility for all of the areas of organizational management described below, her/his general role is one of supervision over staff members who have hands-on responsibility for these areas. As priorities and/or strategies change (based on the judgment of the Board and communicated by the Board Chair), the ED will decide where his/her hands-on time and energies need to be invested in order to best achieve organizational goals. The ED will have a direct role in deciding how to delineate responsibilities and selecting the support staff she/he will be working with.
PROGRAM/LITERARY MANAGEMENT: Refers to oversight and coordination of PDC programming, including programs currently in existence (Anonymous Theatre, PDC Literary, Theatre Tours, Bake-Off, Writers Circle) and creation of new programs to benefit members and the development of their craft and plays.  
COMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENT: Handles all internal and external PDC communications, as well as marketing responsibilities for the organization and its programs. 
DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT: Addresses PDC fund-raising needs, including researching and applying for grants and sponsorships, and planning fundraising events for the organization.  
OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: Focuses on the daily administrative tasks related to the proposed PDC space and logistics within the Wolf Building, including marketing and administration of rehearsal rental space; maintenance of a calendar of PDC activities in the facility; execution of all relevant business communications and general office management.

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Greg Romero said on 2011-09-12:

As PDC looks for its next Executive Director, I want to first THANK WALLY ZIALCITA for his outstanding leadership and vision. Wally is probably the biggest reason I joined PDC in the first place, because I believed in his originality, creativity, and willingness to listen and try things out in previously untried ways. I think Wally deserves many kudos for establishing and re-establishing many programs and relationships b/w PDC members and Philadelphia-area organizations and artists, and creating so many opportunities for PDC Members. It is my hope that PDC finds a successor equal to Wally's competence, creativity, and commitment, and I'm sure we will. In the meantime, I am excited that this transition may allow Wally to work more closely on his own creative projects, which will undoubtedly contribute to the Philadelphia-area theater community in new and important ways. Congrats to Wally, and looking forward to the next phase of PDC. Sincerely, ROMERO



A Success Story
by Thomas Tirney
posted: 2011-07-15 10:57:28

PDC member (and Philadelphia newcomer) Melissa McBain met director Jane Stojak at our February 2011 Directors/Dramatist social at Quigs Pub.  Lo and behold, five months later they began a partnership to bring one of Melissa's plays to life for the Philadelphia Live-Arts Fringe Festival.  


Says Jane:  "Melissa told me about a script she had written, Altar Call, which intrigued me because it was about 'coming out' and I have a gay son.  A few months later, she sent me the script for Going Back Naked.  She was thinking of producing it for the Fringe and asked if I would read it.  I did and found it to be beautifully written."   


The play follows the Depression era childhood of Melissa's mother, Ann Fountain and her coming of age as a child star from Moorestown, NJ.  Ms. Fountain was a piano prodigy and won several performance competitions including a prestigious Steinway-Julliard event.    


According to Melissa:  "When I met Jane at Plays and Players I was immediately impressed with her respect for playwrights. When she introduced herself to the group she addressed meeting playwrights' intentions and demonstrated a zeal for challenges. With her background as a theater owner and psychologist she clearly knew how to market plays and interact effectively with writers."


After Jane and Melissa agreed to collaborate on Going Back Naked, they raised $2,500 through a www.kickstarter.com campaign and began generating interest with the local-setting of the play.  Melissa moved to Liberty City last year from Moline, IL, "Meeting Jane was a great introduction to the Philadelphia theater scene." 




PDC is hosting another social on July 27 at 7:30PM, again at Quig's Pub (upstairs at Plays & Players).  As is the way of these things, everyone will be introduced quickly with mimimum ceremony and then have 5-8 minutes with each other to talk about projects, work, interests.  We're going to time these interactions and make sure everybody has an opportunity to meet and speak with one another.  Yes, it's speed-dating.  But for the artistic set. 


Afterwards, we can all hang out at the bar or klatch separately.   This is the third such event PDC has put on since last fall.  They've been popular...and successful. 


Furthermore, I will be circulating a bio on everyone beforehand to cut down on exposition.  We don't really like too much exposition in our plays so we can eliminate it here too

We will likely have 20-25 people attending but we don't yet have the full complement of writers.  Please RSVP to tt@pdc1.org with your bio.  We only have a few slots left.  Can you make it?


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Melissa McBain said on 2011-09-16:

Thank you PDC and Plays and Players for hosting the Dramatist/Director Exchange which brought this partnership together. Our show, GOING BACK NAKED, closes tonight at Plays and Players but my collaboration with Jane Stojak will continue. And thanks to Tom for supporting our show while his own show, TEACH YOUR CHILDREN, is up and running.



Dramatists Guild of America, National Conference Day 3
by Thomas Tirney
posted: 2011-07-11 10:06:13

There were three packed Self-Production panels in the morning, one-after-the other from 9AM to noon.  Such demand from the conference led me to several thoughts: 


1.        Writers for the stage have to be involved at some level of production—possibly all--to realize the work on stage since few opportunities t exist for a third-party to put it on for them. 

2.       Writers need to have other skill-sets (and another occupation!) than crafting a decent sentence.  Although many, many, many writers I meet bemoan this necessity, it is a fact of live arts; if you’re not adept at directing, fundraising, publicity, stage management, acting, or other supporting functions, you ought to have a working knowledge of it and not shun the grubby business-aspect of the show. 

3.       If you are self-producing, the writing comprises the easiest part of the process.     


I began writing plays five years ago and came very late to this compared with my peers.  Ever since, I’ve held the notion that the dramatist requires a penchant for showmanship which other kinds of writing do not.  The need for self-promotion, chutzpah, and recruiting others to share your vision may exist more blatantly for the playwright than, say, the novelist.    




Adaptation/Translation  with Marsha Norman, Doug Wright, and Carol Hall


Three playwrights gave their perspectives on the process using their own works as case studies:  Marsha Norman spoke about her experience adapting The Color Purple, Doug Wright with Grey Gardens and The Little Mermaid, and Carol Hall from The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.   


What I loved about this talk was that each of the panelists talked about how scrupulous, meticulous, and faithful one must be with the source material.  And then they proceeded to explain, perhaps unwittingly, how they break that directive.


Carol Hall’s inspiration for her beloved musical derived from a Playboy article whom a friend filed about the Chicken Ranch in La Grange, Texas.   The predominating notion Carol tried to keep in mind was respect for characters, even if they turned out to be hypocrites.  “There are degrees of hypocrisy” she said which seemed to imply that everyone is a hypocrite.     


Perhaps it takes a Texan to write a play set in Texas.  I can’t imagine this musical being written today without some preachy political statement or contempt for the small-minded, bigoted Southerners ruining the overall effect. 


Doug Wright kept his comments mainly to Grey Gardens and the Little Mermaid.  His contribution to Grey Gardens is readily apparent when placed side by side with the documentary.  Personally, I was more interested in his work on the Little Mermaid though it seemed a stretch to call this an adaptation.  I couldn't tell what Doug Wright's artistic contribution to this piece was and I saw the show one week after opening.   Did he suggest the in-line skates?  No.  Were there any particular lines that he added that he was proud of?  My notes do not show that.  Did he have any inputs on the tremendously expensive and weird sets (including Ariel's grotto which evoked nothing less than a gigantic, translucent anus)?  He didn't say.  Of course, he did enjoy working with Disney and the unlimited expense account for the show. 


Wright didn't say it...but I'll say it for him:  I believe if he had been given more creative license with this property, it is likely that it wouldn't have been such a commercial flop. 


I loved Marsha Norman's name dropping and anecdotes regarding the adaptation of The Color Purple.  Plenty of Hollywood and New York goss there.  But what struck me in her discussion was the need to find just a few scenes evocative of the entire novel and ascribing one or two lines to lay out the development of a character which took several hundred pages. 


My own view on adaptation takes the extreme view of expediency.  Unless the artist holds out that the story he tells is true, then the artist has every right to bend the material to his wishes.  Every work of art for the stage represents a fiction even if the dialogue is taken directly from a transcript or a recording.    Isn’t it the height of irresponsibility for artists to say their work is true or “actually happened”; it obscures the truth in the art itself.          


With the exception of Carol Hall, I think these playwrights couldn't talk about some considerations of their work because they were ultimately secondary collaborators.  I suspect that there were many choices and paths they disagreed with in working with other artists.  I respect that they cannot talk about those things in a public forum but that would have been damned interesting. 




David Ives is just like his plays:  sharp, funny, unexpected, and adventurous.  After listening to him talk about his work and ideas, it made me want to run out and re-read all of his stuff again.  His attention to the craft of playwriting—constructing a line or architecting a laugh—is acute.  And unfortunately, I had to run out of the interview to make an obligatory appearance at a Dramatists Guild meeting.


On growing as a playwright: 


“Early on, I had been writing these one acts that required some kind of transition at the end of a line.  So, you’d have a couple talking over a dinner and one of them would finish the scene and I wrote in that a bell sounded.  This turned out to be funny to audiences and I incorporated it in a bunch of plays.  By this time, I had met Stephen Sondheim and he become somewhat familiar with my work and he introduced me to some people as ‘Oh, this is David Ives, he writes those plays with bells in them.’  After that, I never wrote a play with a bell in it again.”   


On jokes:


 “Iambic pentameter is too long a line for jokes.  In English, an ideal joke is 8 syllables.” 


On translating Feydeau:


“One has to take steps to make the play readable language and producible.  The language is not the most important thing in an adaptation or translation.  The play is.  You have to find language to support everything underneath the play.  It may not be literal or even close to it.”




Many thanks to the sweet and hardworking staff of the Dramatists Guild of America who made this excellent first effort at a national conference happen.  It was a success.  I hope there will be many more of these and that I shall see more of you there at the next one.


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donald drake said on 2011-07-11:

Tom’s report on the need for self-producing is not surprising but still depressing. All of the needed skills for self-producing -- such as networking, fund-raising, publicity and acting -- are skills that I don’t have and activities that I shy away from. You might even say hate. What is depressing is that Tom is probably right that this is what’s needed to get produced in the current climate. It’s a shame to think that a good P.R. man will be more successful than a talented playwright. What has discouraged me from self-producing other than the high cost and demand for such skills is the conviction that it is impossible to achieve much with a self-production other than the fun of working with other artists and the ego satisfaction of seeing my stuff on stage. It’s almost akin to vanity publishing. One of three things are necessary for a commercially successful production -- an established theater with a large subscription base and big advertising budget, a very well known actor, or a very well-known playwright. A self-production has none of these things. You may be able to fill the seats with family and friends and if you are good at networking with some colleagues but it’s more than likely that the empty seats will be a blow to your ego. I hope there are playwrights in our group who can convince me that I’m wrong and can cite instances of self-production successes or other ways they are rewarding and worth the cost and effort. But I’m not counting on it. Playwriting is a joy for me and all the rest would be an unbearable chore. There’s a reason the file name for my list of submissions is “lottery.” In this environment, the chances of getting a production is about the same as winning the lottery. Though I have gotten productions in the past, the responses from theaters have dropped markedly in the last couple of years. There was a time I cheered when I got an acceptance letter. Then I was happy if I got a rejection that indicated the someone had actually read the play. Now I’m excited if I get a form rejection letter, indicating that someone took the time to rip open the envelope and find out my address. (The only silver lining to this depressing grey cloud is that theaters now want electronic submissions greatly reducing the high cost of submission and rejection.) So like the people who buy lottery tickets every week, I send out my plays with the hope that one will be a winning ticket, but I really doubt it. Still I wake up every morning, eager to get back to the computer and move forward with another play with the same enthusiasm that people buy their lottery tickets.



Luna Theater's Solstice 10-Minute Play Festival Seeking Submissions
by Jeremy Gable
posted: 2011-07-03 08:53:49

Luna Theater Company is accepting submissions for the First Annual Solstice 10-Minute Play Festival. In keeping with our tenth season (which includes the Philadelphia premieres of Fin Kennedy’s “How To Disappear Completely And Never Be Found” and Leslye Headland’s “Bachelorette”), Luna will be presenting a festival of world premiere plays in June 2012, each dealing with the season’s theme of “Identity Crisis”.
We would love it if you could submit...
Plays that fit within the festival’s theme of “Identity Crisis”. More specifically, intimate, intelligent and intense plays that deal with big ideas and explore the human psyche. For more information on the type of pieces we are looking for, we invite you to look at our Production History on the Luna Theater website (lunatheater.org/past_productions)
Plays no longer than 10 minutes
Plays requiring no more than four actors.
Plays for actors between 18 to 30 years old.
Plays that have yet to receive their world premiere production. Staged readings are acceptable
Plays submitted via e-mail (.doc, .docx or .pdf formats only) with the subject line “(Last Name)/Solstice Submission/Date of Submission” (i.e. “Smith/Solstice Submission/Date of Submission”)
One script per playwright. Send us your best work. Or your worst. Up to you
However, we would rather you not send us this:
Plays longer than 10 minutes
Plays that do not meet the cast size and age range requirements.
Plays that have had a previous production
Snail mail submissions
Multiple submissions
Plays that do not meet the requirements will not be considered.
There is no compensation, but your play will receive a full world premiere production.
Deadline for submissions is November 30, 2011. We will e-mail you regarding the status of your submission by December 31, 2011.
Submissions should be sent to:
Jeremy Gable, Literary Manager
Best of luck!

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Jesus said on 2015-11-14:

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bill rolleri said on 2011-07-03:

Ditto thanks for the notice. My question: Why discrimate against actors over the age of 30?


Greg Romero said on 2011-07-03:

Jeremy, Thanks so much for posting this. As someone interested in Luna's work, I'm interested as well in sending something for consideration. I just received this post as well through the PNPI list-serve as well, which got me thinking of a question. This particular forum might be a good place to have this conversation: Q: Why is there no compensation offered to the playwrights? Are the other contributing artists to be paid? thank you! my best, ROMERO



Seeking Play Submissions
by Ken Kaissar
posted: 2011-06-27 08:55:43

Jerry Hyman, in actor on the television show BOARDWALK EMPIRE and movies like FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS, is running a ten-minute play reading series in a French restaurant on the Jersey Shore.  He is seeking ten minute plays to be read.

Plays should be "PG".  Language should be family friendly, and sexual content should only be in the form of innuendo and "double entendre".

Please submit ten minute plays to Jerry diretly at jhyman1122@gmail.com.

Also read more about Jerry at www.jerryhyman.com.



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Dramatists Guild of America, National Conference Day 2
by Thomas Tirney
posted: 2011-06-17 09:10:03

 Jesus God, it is hot and humid and jungly down here.  Why did we move the capitol to this accursed, stifling land?  

First seminar today:  Jane Beard on Unblocking Creative Energy and Writers Block.  Unless you've experienced an acute bout of block, it's easy to dismiss many of these meditative techniques as hokey or New Age or plain silly.  Imagine:  an entire class room cradling their heads to create a "magnet"; repeating meaningless mantras for stress relief; engaging in several small and harmless physical movements to break any number of personal preoccupations.  

I watched with bemused bewilderment at first but much of these exercises have a point and most of them work to boot.  I'm a skeptic by nature but nevertheless, when I'm blocked, I will piss on a spark-plug to get going again.  Jane's ways are much less painful.  I'm not a devout believer though I plan to follow up on some of these techniques.  Check Jane out at www.invisiblelight.com


Dramatists on the Web with veteran bloggers Roland Tec, Tim Bauer, Andie Arthur, and Robert Ross Parker.  This was blogging 101 and doesn't need much explanation.  Surprised at how basic the talk was.  Anyway, you all know how blogging works.  I'm still stupified at how many writers know nothing about blogging:  an entire classroom of people, holding themselves out as writers, and ignorant of one of the best tools for promoting work and engaging the wider community.  

Ironically, some of these folks are just in time to participate in a trend rapidly ceding ground to Twitter.  Even Roland Tec mused that long-form blogging was "passe."


Todd London, Keynote Speaker

Inspirational language, poetic and personal words...and yet so gloomy that I can't stop thinking about it.  London's book Outrageous Fortune is essentially a crisis of confidence about the future of playwriting.  Although Mr. London is a hopeless lover of playwrights (even married one) he admits to being an anachronism in a "roomful of anachronisms still manufacturing buggy whips."   

London actively "questions his faith" and the "enterprise itself" even though he finds a great deal of satisfaction in his work and beauty in the art.  He summarized the points in his book about marginalization of theatre, unresponsive institutions, and the impossible economics of writing for stage.  Much of what London talks about is true and can't be refuted.  For a career, "playwriting is not the answer."

Unfortunately, London doesn't have a solution to this nor do I suspect anyone else.  I have to re-read the book and have a big think about it.  My thoughts about this subject have too many cross-currents--London isn't exactly making an argument--his book is reportage more than anything else.  My opinion tends  to focus on the writer.  Not the playwright, not the stage, and certainly not the "theatre.'  

As a writer, do you identify with the theatre or with the writing?  It strikes me that the theatre as an institution has a separate and possibly exclusive set of goals than the writer who writes for it.  One identifies oneself as a playwright by preference but in a wider context, a decent playwright can easily excel in other modalities.  Is this what dramatists should pursue?  And though Todd London never says this, I wonder if the "reality of the landscape"  as he calls it, leads him to this conclusion as well?


A Conversation with Doug Wright

Wonderfully moderated by Faye Sholiton, Wright is as delightful in person as his plays.  Maybe more so.  The author of I Am My Own Wife, Quills, and Grey Gardens is a natural and enthusiastic ranconteur.  We in the audience never stopped laughing.  I'm just going to throw out some of the choicer quotes:  

"Far more than politics and theology, I think art is the most uncompromising moral force we have.  By exposing our foilbles and holding our feet to the fire, art is more instructive in how we should attempt to mark our time on the planet than all of those institutions erected to give us guidance." 

On Grey Gardens:   

"It was Scott Frankel's brainchild who approached me about making a musical on the documentary.  And I said, 'It's impossible!'  He asks, 'Why?'  I said, 'The most thrilling aspect of the film is its verisimilitude.  They are utterly real for the camera in every moment.  Employing all the artifices of the stage will rob it of its authenticity.' And Scott says 'Great.  Let's get together with my lyricist next week and you can expound on why it's a terrible idea.'   And after two years of these lunches, we had a draft."  

On Quills:   

"When I wrote this, I was motivated by the controversy surrounding Robert Mapplethorpe and the condemnation they received from Senator Jesse Helms.  In the culture at large, Helms and Mapplethorpe were painted as adversaries.  The Senator found something to demonize to get re-elected and Mapplethorpe went from obscure photographer to Barnes & Noble coffee table books.  This was working for both of them.  When you look at radical artists, who is the most reliable Muse?  It's always the censor."  

On working on the book for Little Mermaid:  

"There are a lot of things problematic in this movie to women given that this girl sacrifices so much for a fella.  But among transgendered people this story is extremely important because the heroine has to change everything below the waist to find love.  Little Mermaid has more significance than the audience realizes."   







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Another Round Opens Tomorrow
by J. Adam Russell
posted: 2011-06-16 10:34:13

Dear All:

I’m excited to share my work with PDC as well as the Philadelphia community.  If you’re kind enough to attend the show, Another Round, I’ve worked on two offers to reduce the ticket price.  For the first four performances, tickets will be sold at $10.00 on Phillyfunsavers. http://www.phillyfunguide.com/funsaver/print_offer/7460.  You'll need code HSS947V

I will continue to offer PDC members the $12.50 purchase price using the code PDC36 on brown paper tickets.


We were also fortunate to have the cast inteviewed on Rep Radio. http://actingout.repradio.org/

I had the additional fortune of talking to Jack Shaw on Stage Magazine about the play.


If you decide to see the show, please make certain to let me know your thoughts. With my first stint at producing it’s been a thrilling experience, and I’d love to get feedback on your impression on the play, the production, your experience.  I hope you’ll be able to attend.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards,

J. Adam Russell (John)


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Cheryl said on 2015-11-14:

This forum needed shaikng up and you've just done that. Great post!


marilyn edney said on 2011-06-20:

Just writing to say that my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed your play last Friday night. Having had no prior knowledge of you or the upstairs venue at the Walnut Street Theatre, we were pleasantly suprised by the calibre of the production, both in terms of the actors' abilities and the compelling dialogue. We particularly liked Gutch. We wish you much continued success. Please keep our email address in your file and contact us with any new material, both yours and others.


MM Wittle said on 2011-06-16:

I'm coming to see your show on the 25th and I'm so excited to see your work. Best wishes to you.



Dramatists Guild Conference: Day 1
by Thomas Tirney
posted: 2011-06-14 19:04:45

More of a travel day than anything, the events began late in the afternoon.  Missed the excellent David Faux on his The Artist as CEO.  Faux is the Director of Business Affairs of the Dramatists Guild and he’s a speaker I’d like to invite to Philadelphia for this particular talk.  The first big thang happened at 6:00PM where Christopher Durang was interviewed on stage. 


What a let down. 


But not because of Durang.  I felt the interlocutor simply hadn’t prepared enough.  The author of Marriage of Bette and Boo, Beyond Therapy, Vietnamization of New Jersey, and Sex and Longing spent far too long on the oft-told background to Sister Mary Ignatius Tells It All For You.  


Been there, man. 


Durang can be heard on several podcast interviews (Downstage Center, Theatre Talk, others) revealing this as well.  Honestly, who doesn’t know about this stuff?    There was nothing on his writing habits, his consistency, what he’s working on now, nor much on Why Torture is Wrong and the People Who Love Them playing at the nearby Capitol Hill Arts Workshop.  These are all things that an audience of writers would want to hear and learn. 


I did discover that Durang (along with his colleague Marsha Norman) try out drafts on his students at Julliard.  But that was the only new bit of information.  It’s nice to have a captive focus group attentive to your needs and thoroughly familiar with your work.  We all need that.   


I had hoped to hear more of Durang’s evolutionary thinking since Why Torture premiered in 2009.  Afterall, this is one of his most recent works.  I recall an interview he gave before the play went up and he seemed so angry and indignant, it was uncharacteristic.  Is he just as angry with a different administration in the White House?  Is this political style of writing bearing more fruit in his artistic work.  Is it important to him anymore?  This is all cool, new stuff.    


It’s hard to categorize Durang as an activist-playwright since he doesn’t consider himself one but in an unusual twist, he has gotten angrier with age.  This development in the artists’s life and work is interesting.  Do we have to go back and re-hash so much of Durang’s early successes from the 1970’s?  C’mon.  It was a privilege to have Durang speak live but can’t stop thinking the interview was a missed opportunity.    




 Molly Smith, Artistic Director of Arena Stage keynoted Friday night.  I hate to say that my knowledge of Arena Stage, its extensive programs and generously endowed coffers is scant.  But Arena is hardly a household word or common knowledge…yet.      


Naturally, the subject of her talk was the New Play Institute there.  With a $1.1 million grant from the Mellon Foundation, this program was launched in 2009 to hire playwrights and put them on staff at the Arena for a period of three years.  Moreover, the Institute was created to be a center for research and development, best practices, and effectiveness in new play development.  A  visible thought bubble appeared over the audience with the wish that all theatres could staff and pay writers. 

So far, Arena appears an anomaly—albeit an important one—in that other theatres, even the ones as well funded and successful as Arena haven’t followed suit.  And even Molly admitted the new plays that premier at Arena don’t make money and don’t garner large audiences.  However, just a glimpse at the website overwhelms you with the hive of activity down there in DC.  It is so very impressive I’d recommend a trip to the Capitol just to see Arena's facilities.  Substitute the obligatory granite graveyard tour that is the Mall and tour Arena.             


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Pat McGeever said on 2011-06-15:

Thanks for doing this, Tom. I understand the Kennedy Center is worth touring for its state-of-the-art accessibility to people with hearing or vision handicaps, and to people in wheelchairs.



Our Philadelphia Playwriting Community
by Ken Kaissar
posted: 2011-06-10 13:15:40

Yesterday, I was invited to a Playwrights' Convening at the Lark Play Development Center in New York for playwrights who deal with the Middle East.  My play about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict called THE VICTIMS or WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO ABOUT IT, earned me an invitation.  I spent all day talking with other MIddle East playwrights, including Yussef El Guindi, about how we can go about empowering ourselves to get our work produced rather than waiting around for a theatre company to call. 

It was a given that we were all encouraged to self-produce.  Sigh!

This is not new advice.  We've all heard it a million times.  For the last several years, I've been procrastinating taking such action, hoping like hell for a miracle.

This year, I decided to wait no more.  Over the last six months, I've launched an extensive fundraising campaign, and on June 16, 2011 at 8pm, I am opening the world premiere of my newest play THE MAN STANLEY at the Walnut Street Theatre Studio 5.

I was talking to Tom Tirney a few months ago, and he asked me, what is it that I was hoping to gain from PDC as a member.  I told him my main objective was joining a community of playwrights.  Being surrounded by other writers whose work I could routinely hear and see, and sharing my work as well and getting feedback from a large group of peers.

So on the eve of the opening of my first self-produced show, I have a few hopes and goals.  Clearly, I would like my show to be well attended.  If this proves to be a financially self-sufficient way to get my work out there, I will be encouraged to do it again.  I will probably self-produce my next play, and the one after that, and see all of my plays come to life that way.  If this proves to be a financial disaster, I will probably relegate myself back to postage submission hell.

But I would say that my second most important goal is to introduce myself to you!  Since I've only been in the Philly area since 2009, I have not had the pleasure of meeting the vast majority of you, and I've exchanged writing with virtually none of you.  So I hope that you will take this production as an opportunity to investigate my work.  And not just that, but introduce yourself to me in person, and let's use this as an opportunity to begin a writer's exchange.  Come see the work, form an opinion, share your opinion with me, and invite me to your work so that every show in our careers can be the continuation of a dialogue.  We have a community.  Let's use it more!

So I'm afraid I'm asking you for a little more than just come see my show.  I'm asking you to share your feedback with me.  And feel free to do it publically on this Blog.  I don't mind.   Let's talk about it.  Let's grab drinks and discuss where the show succeeded and where it failed.  And then respond to my writing with an invitation to see one of your shows, and we will begin a wonderful, professional dialogue as colleagues for the remainder of the time that we reside in the Philadelphia area.

I am extending a special PDC discount to all members for all performances of my show.  When you buy tickets just enter the code PDC1 and you will have the opportunity to buy a $15 ticket.

To read more about my show and/or to purchase tickets please visit www.themanstanley.com. 

I hope to see you all at a performance of my show, and I hope to begin a very open and meaningful dialogue with every member of this community.

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Camilita said on 2015-11-20:

Amina, Hello! Thank you for your interest!We are a soeccr facility that runs classes for ages 2 and up! We run 4 main sessions throughout the year and also summer classes/camps! If you you will be able to see how all the sessions are laid out. After looking at the layout of the sessions, if you click on the classes tab at the top of the website you will be able to choose from Powell or Gahanna. Once you select your location you will be able to see what classes are offered within the session, how much they costs, etc. If you have any other questions, let me know at !Thanks so much! http://dvsgeyqcx.com [url=http://jlqmtvfy.com]jlqmtvfy[/url] [link=http://cfjpwkrn.com]cfjpwkrn[/link]


Abhay said on 2015-11-14:

Lissa, thank you. I write a lot more there than I do here these days. I don't know why I feel more free there, perhaps baesuce it feels like a secret :)


Kerri Kochanski said on 2011-06-12:

I really enjoyed your post! I feel a lot of the same things you do. I self-produced my work and the work of fellow playwrights in the past, and really enjoyed it. I also believe in taking matters into my own hands and using the resources I have to make art happen, rather than waiting around for years for someone else to produce it (or maybe not produce it). It is a lot of work, but self-production can be very empowering, and the best thing about it is that your work gets to live on the stage -- and no one can stop it (or you). I also like the idea of a strong local playwriting community that does not look to the national stage, but comes together to make its own corner of the world something to be reckoned with. I am sorta new to Philly, too and I hope to meet you soon. For now, congratulations on your play and your first job as a producer. You did it!


Wally Zialcita said on 2011-06-11:

I've assumed for years that DIY was the best way to go. For me, though, it's about control over the development process. I want it.


Ken Kaissar said on 2011-06-10:

Hi Don: Thanks for the warm welcome. I guess what I'm realizing is that we don't need anyone else the way I always thought. Perhaps its just up to us to put it on ourselves. The way I imagine Shakespeare did it. At any rate the show runs June 16 - July 3 and performs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm and 7pm. Please visit the website www.themanstanley.com to purchase tickets and to read more about it.


Don Drake said on 2011-06-10:

Hello Ken, Welcome to the PDC and Philadelphia, the most under rated city in the country. Your message, with its subtext of frustration if not desperation, is felt by many of us. The name of my file for play submissions is "lottery." (The chances of getting a production equals the chances of winning the lottery.) If the major leagues found new ballplayers the way theaters select plays, no one would be watching the game. Imagine picking pitchers and fielders on the basis of how well they networked or what graduate baseball school they went to. I suspect you can see a little frustration and desperation in what I have just said. In any case, I'm not clear when your play will be presented. The first and last days are listed. What available dates are there in between?



A National Conference For Playwrights Birthed in D.C.
by Thomas Tirney
posted: 2011-06-07 20:02:02

An exciting experiment will take place this Thursday in Washington D.C.  The Dramatists Guild of America throws its first conference for members and the profession.   Perhaps the only comparable event involves the Theatre Communications Group where the emphasis falls upon non-profit theatres and not the dramatists.  It’s a positive sign that writers for stage now have a national forum to gather, exchange ideas and toot their own horn.     


The three day affair has three tracks of seminars and panels full of giants from the stage.  Christopher Durang kicks it off in a Thursday session followed by a Molly Smith keynote; Edward Albee will be in conversation with Emily Mann on Friday preceded by a Todd London keynote; Stephen Schwarz teaches a musical theatre seminar on Saturday; and more and more and more. 


Below is the full schedule and link: 




I’m looking forward to mixing with dramatists from all over the country and hearing what’s going in this city and that.  In particular, I’m interested in the Los Angeles scene.  The diffuse sprawl there has acute challenges not present in other American cities but it also has the film industry.  SoCal is probably a larger magnet of talent than NYC.   Powered by the dynamism and searchlights of Hollywood,  LA hosts more than a dozen premiers in 2011--happening at the South Coast Rep, Fountain Theatre, and Old Globe just to name three.  My feeling is that LA’s importance to the U.S. theatrical scene will only grow. 


Apart from soaking up the aura of Durang, Smith, Albee, Schwarz, Wright, Norman, etc., I plan to hit the separate talks on copywright, Fair Use, agents, and finally contracts.  More entries to come during and following the conference.       




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